Poland. Business Harbour

Poland is strategically located in the heart of Europe, which makes it a perfect investment location for companies wishing to export their products both to the East and to the West. It is also considered to be one of the most economically-stable and one of the fastest-developing countries in the world. The latest COVID-19 pandemic proves this, as it is likely that, out of all the EU countries, Poland will come out on top. Companies investing in Poland, can also count on governmental support and a stable political climate. So - if you are looking for a safe haven for your business in today’s turbulent times - Poland is it!

We hope to welcome you in Poland soon.

For more information contact the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH).
We are here to support you in many ways.

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PAIHPAIH24 for Belarus

Support for Belarusian entrepreneurs considering reallocation of their operation to Poland

For the last 30 years, we have been building a democratic and free-market economic in Poland, for ambitious and creative people. By creating better and better conditions for development, we have become the 6th largest economy in the European Union, which is an increase of 8.5 times, since 1990! Poland, as a safe business haven, wants to share its success with colleagues from Belarus. Today you are in need, but tomorrow, as leaders of the new Belarusian economy, you will build your and your country’s success based on knowledge, modern standards and close trade relations with your neighbours and the world.

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), is a state agency that has as its main aim, the support of foreign direct investment to Poland.

Especially for Belarusian entrepreneurs, we have created a dedicated team, which comprises of our experienced employees, who will ensure the efficient process of relocation of your business activities.

Here's what we've prepared:

Helpline +48 22 70-343-70 (operational 24hrs. 5 days per week)

We have set up a special dedicated telephone line, where you will be able to obtain:

  • Information in Russian, English and Polish, about the available support offered to Belarusian entrepreneurs and their families (what, where, how, when)
  • You will be assigned a personal assistant, who will support you, your family and employees, throughout the entire relocation process

A "Good start" consulting

Together with partners, Startup Hub and SODA, we have prepared a support offer for freelancers, startups, SMEs and large companies. Contact us for details.

Business concierge

  • Your personal assistant, will guide you through the visa procedure, at the relevant Consulate of the Republic of Poland (we will ensure the quick processing of all the necessary formalities)
  • We will guide you through the process of obtaining permission to enter Poland and a release from quarantine requirements, so that the continuity of your business activities are not interrupted and eliminate any inconvenience for your employees
  • Relocation of employees: we will provide support in all administrative and legal matters
  • We will facilitating contacts with the relevant local authorities, in order to legalize your stay and help you to obtain the available local investment support that is on offer.

Location consulting

  • Support in obtaining the necessary information, to help you, in your choice of location for your office or investment, analysis of the real estate market in that area, communication with stakeholders
  • Reports, including ones, on the local labour market or sector specialization of a given region
  • Preparation of a list of the available office space

Organization of B2B meetings

  • Organization of individual meetings with potential partners and service providers
  • Access to the “business mixers”: where business “matchmaking” takes place

Development of a business strategy for the future

  • Guide to investment support options (including financial incentives)
  • Building links with R&D institutions, innovation centres and industry institutions.

PAIHGood reasons for choosing Poland

Poland is a safe hospitable country with economic stability

Investing in a foreign country sometimes means relocating your employees and their families. The decision to do so is never easy. However, recent changes regarding the principles of employment of foreigners in Poland strives towards opening  up our labour market for foreigners. There has been an expansion of the group of people may work  without  a  permit, as  well  as a simplification of the procedures associated with the securing of the appropriate permits.

Poland in Europe

Poland is in the heart of Europe

Poland is located in the heart of Europe, which makes it a perfect location for companies doing business and wishing to export their products both to the East and to the West. Investors in Poland can benefit from our strong economic position as members of the European Union - our location is also highly desirable from a logistical perspective. In Poland, the East meets the West, thanks to the Belt and Road connections that run across our country. Moreover, Poland is a part of the Baltic-Adriatic and the North Sea-Baltic Corridor projects, which will soon link the North of Europe with the South.

Map of Poland's logistical hubs

We are economically stable and crisis-resistant

Over the last three decades, Poland's GDP has grown faster than any other, in Europe. According to the International Monetary Fund, since 1981 Poland’s GDP per capita  has increased more than nine fold. IMF forecasts, indicate a further dynamic increase in purchasing power parity. Poland has only experienced a recession once, since 1989 - and only for a few months of 2001. It was thanks to the diversification and competitiveness of our economy, that GDP growth was not swept away, even by the financial crisis of 2008. What is more, the European Commission estimates that in 2020, our economy will shrink by only 4.6 percent due to the coronavirus crisis. Hence, the recession in Poland is likely to be the shallowest in the entire EU.

Polish economy

We are open for business

Poland has earned the reputation it is conducive to do business in. This has been is confirmed by international reports, such as the „Global Competitiveness Report 2019”, „Doing Business 2020”, „Corruption Perception Index 2019”. Poland ranks above the majority of countries and is the CEE region’s leader. Learn how to set up a company in Poland.

Poland in reports

We know how to attract business to Poland

  • Polish Investment Zone: The whole of Poland has become an economic zone, thanks to which companies investing anywhere in the country can count on income tax exemptions. The decision to support an investment is made after certain criteria have been met.
    • Support of investors in Polish Special Economic Zones

  • Research and development relief: Companies can deduct up to 200% from their tax base (and 250 % in the case of R&D centres) of eligible costs, for expenses related to e.g. wages and salaries, the use of equipment or the purchase of materials intended for scientific research.
  • Innovation Box: There is 5% preferential tax rate on income obtained from the sale of intellectual property rights. The preferential rate applies throughout the entire period of patent protection, and is also fully compliant with the OECD nexus approach.
  • A program for supporting investments of significant importance to the Polish economy: A Government grant program subsidy program allows companies to get support of up to 20% of eligible a projects costs in the case of strategic or innovative manufacturing projects or highly advanced service centres.