June 26th, 2014,
 Issue 388


Innovation for the common future: Polish - Dutch Economic Forum
On the occasion of the official visit of his Majesty King Wilhelm Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Maxima, the National Stadium in Warsaw hosted the Polish-Dutch Economic Forum.

As the King Wilhelm Alexander said Poland and Holland are allies in innovation. He also hopes that the visit of companies from Netherlands in Warsaw will bring new opportunities for business cooperation.

"The economic development of Poland is due to the fact that we have created good basis for the inflow of foreign capital" - argued president Bronisław Komorowski

"Poland and Holland are allies in innovation" - said King Wilhelm Alexander

After 25 years of dynamic changes and achieving the leading position in the region in attracting FDI, the country has entered the path of development based on innovation. It is foreign direct investments that transfer to Poland both: the capital as well as the knowledge and technologies. Dutch companies that invested in Poland have a great influence on pushing Polish economy towards innovations. The Netherlands are the second biggest foreign investor in the country and the fourth receiver of Polish investments. “80% of global innovation pie remains in Europe. We should do our best to catch it together”, said PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman.

Participants of Polish-Dutch Economic Forum

The official visit of the king is accompanied by a business delegation represented not only by the biggest Dutch business players but also the SEMs sector lead by young, enterprising people who have knowledge, experience and creative approach towards such sectors as: energy, agriculture, logistic and water management and agri-food. Those leading Dutch sectors create many opportunities to bilateral cooperation as SEMs are the driving force of the economies of the Netherlands and Poland.

The debate about innovation moderated by PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140625/innovation_for_common_future_polish_dutch_economic_forum. (PAIiIZ)

World Investment Report 2014: “lucky” 13 for Poland
Poland maintained the leading position among the most perspectives FDI destinations in the world. Moreover, according to the World Investment Report 2014 prepared by UNCTAD, the country has improved its position reaching the 13th place. The global premiere of UNCTAD report has been held in PAIiIZ on 24 June.

According to UNCTAD, the global inflow of FDI is improving. However, it has not reached the pre-crisis level. While the position of the EU is decreasing, the growing importance of developing countries is easily recognizable. In case of Poland, the results of UNCTAD report are based on NBP data, which not only assess new greenfield investments, but also estimates the value of capital in transit or mergers and acquisitions. Therefore, the value of FDI inflows to Poland in the past year - $ 6 billion - should not be a cause for concern. “Poland is the sixth in Europe in terms of the value of greenfield investment projects in 2013", said professor Zbigniew Zimny, the UN expert on FDI. "The country is still the most attractive location for FDI projects in the region and one of the most attractive in Europe” - he added, commenting on the UNCTAD report. According to the UNCTAD survey that was conducted among the top managers of global companies, Poland will maintain the position of the world’s leading investmest destination in 2014 -2016 period. The country has improved its position from 14th (held two years in the row) to 13th in 2013. Poland - as the only state from the CEE region and one of five from the whole Europe - belongs to the world’s top 20 investment locations.

- The country is still the most attractive location for FDI projects in the region and one of the most attractive in Europe” - argues professor Zbigniew Zimny

Also PAIiIZ data confirm the strong position of Poland. “The Agency has completed 20 FDI projects in the first half of 2014 worth €1,5 billion in total”, said Iwona Chojnowska-Haponik, director of the Foreign Investment Department in PAIiIZ during the conference. Moreover, many of new projects are reinvestments. „70% of reinvestments are a strong reason to believe that foreign investors trust Poland and the Poles”, argued PAIiIZ deputy president Anna Polak - Kocińska. “Poland is the country where investors can achieve much more they have expected”, added Paweł Tynel, director in EY.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140624/world_investment_report_2014_lucky_13_for_poland(PAIiIZ)

Discussing business issues in Ulan Bator
In Mongolia, Polish companies took part in business meetings on real estate, construction, energy, geology and food industries. On 23 June, the Mongolia - Poland Business Forum was held in Ulan Bator.

One of the most important highlights of the Forum was signing the Memorandum of Understanding between Sławomir Majman - representing PAIiIZ and Javkhlanbaatar S. - representing Invest Mongolia Agency. Currently, 25 Polish companies are registered in Mongolia. Together, they have already invested about $ 1m there. According to the Polish Ministry of Economy, in 2013, export of Polish goods to Mongolia reached $59.07 m. Poland sells mainly cosmetic chemistry, electronics and food products there.

Speakers of the Forum

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140623/discussing_business_issues_in_ulan_bator. (PAIiIZ)

Chinese interested in Polish SMEs
On 23 June, the Agency was visited by the business delegation from Shanghai. Signing the Memorandum of Understanding between PAIiIZ, represented by deputy president Anna Polak - Kocińska and Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce (SFIC), represented by deputy president Zhao Fuxi was the main highlight of the meeting.

As it was stated by the head of Shanghai’s mission Zhao Fuxi, Chinese businessmen who arrived to Poland are looking for opportunities for further development of their companies aboard. The companies from Shanghai are interested the most in the cooperation with Polish SMEs as well as in investing in the real estate market. Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce is the institution gathering over 73,000 Chinese companies operating in Shanghai. The Federation has the growing impact on the development of Chinese economy.

From the left: deputy presidnet SFIC Zhao Fuxi and PAIiIZ deputy president Anna Polak - Kocińska

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140623/chinese_interested_in_polish_smes. (PAIiIZ)


Polish coaches awarded
Solaris busses won the prize of the best commercial vehicles of 2014 in Germany, midi buses - import category. The award was given by three trade magazines: Lastauto Omnibus, Trans Aktuell and FERNFAHRER.

Solaris Urbino has been competed with nearly 180 other vehicles. By scoring 8,000 votes, the bus made in Poland won the competition.

Solaris has been operating in the German market since 2000. Over the last 14 years the company has sold almost 2,500 low-floor buses to more than 200 German cities. Solaris has 10% of the total share of city bus segment in Germany that makes the company the third biggest producer operating there. (Solaris)

H1 of investments in PAIiIZ
PAIiIZ has finished the first half of the year in investments. During this period, the Agency has completed 20 investment projects worth € 1,589.44m in total. They all can deliver 5,085 new jobs into the Polish market.

The US, with 42 FDI projects, has maintained the position of investment leader in Poland. The total value of all American investments has reached € 587,65m and can let to the creation of 6,555 new jobs. German investors, with 29 investment projects, are the second on the list. The next are investors from Great Britain that provides 10 FDI projects. PAIiIZ also supports 9 investment projects from France and Japan - each.

BPO dominates in terms of the most popular sector among foreign investors operating in Poland (33 projects); automotive (31 projects); R&D (11 projects); aviation (9 projects) as well as electronic and wood sectors ( 8 projects each). Currently, PAIiIZ supports 156 FDI projects that are worth € 2,984.45m in total and can bring 32,466 new jobs to Poland.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140618/H1_of_investments_in_paiiiz. (PAIiIZ)

New projects in Kraków SEZ
Krakow Technology Park issued next permit to conduct business in the zone. Due to that, two Polish companies will invest PLN 60m and create 80 new jobs there. Moreover, next three companies decided to reinvest capital in KSEZ. Together, they all will invest PLN 54m and create 53 new jobs.

Dragon Company plans to build a warehouse and manufacturing facilities to produce chemical products. As a result, at least 30 new jobs will be created and PLN 20m will be invested. Next investor, Fideltronik Poland, one of the biggest Polish company from the EMS sector will invest in the expansion of the plant and equip it in specialised installations and modern production lines. The company plans to create at least 50 new jobs and spend at least PLN 40m. Fineus, the company operating in the e-controlling business, under the SEZ programme plans to produce a new version of the e-management system for its clients. The company intends to invest PLN 10m and create 3 new jobs. Dan Cake Company is expanding its plant by investing PLN 32m and creating at least 30 new jobs.

Also Sopem received next permit to operate under the KSEZ. Recently, the company has opened a new factory there. Under the current permit SOPEMA will invest PLN 12 million and create 10 new jobs. (Kraków SSE)

Eight permits in the Euro-Park Mielec
Next 8 permits for doing business in the EURO-PARK Mielec SEZ have been issued. In total, all companies will invest more than PLN 144 m and hire 185 employers.

ASQUINI Polska that produces aviation components for Eurocopter and Airbus is launching a new manufacturing plant. The total costs of investment has been estimated at PLN 22m. The company also plans to hire 20 new employees. Pszczółka, specializing in confectionery production decided to expand its product offer by investing PLN 80m and hiring 70 new employees. The list of investments conducted under the zone will be filled by companies: Ostrowski Ryszard "EXCEL" - the producer of steel structures (investment worth PLN 3m million; 36 new jobs planned); FPHU "WOL-MET" Bożena Leńczyk - the manufacturer of metal fasteners (investment worth PLN 2.2m 10 new jobs planned); WITKO ZDZISŁAW WOOD-POOL that produces polyester pools (the investment worth PLN 3.5m; 10 new jobs planned); Krzysztof Urbanik FAN-SERVICE - a company specializing in steel prefabricated parts for air conditioning (the investment worth PLN 4m; 12 new employers); Metall-Expres - a supplier of non-ferrous metals for many industries (investment worth PLN 23 m; 20 new jobs planned); a manufacturer of plastic packaging and paper Yanko will reinvest PLN 6 m and hire 7 additional people. (Euro-Park Mielec SEZ)

Telmex in WMSSE
Telmex, operating in the furniture and wood industry, received a permit to operate in the Warmia-Mazury Special Zone economically.

Under the project, new production and warehouse facilities will be build. Moreover, the company will purchase modern machinery implement the computer system for managing the production. Capital expenditures are estimated at PLN 14m. The investor also planes to create 70 new jobs. (WMSSE)

Changes in Euro-Park Wisłosan
There have been significant changes in Tarnobrzeg SEZ. The Tarnobrzeg office of the Industrial Development Agency and Radom Centre for Innovation and Technology signed a cooperation agreement. Moreover, new permits to conduct business have been issued.

The agreement was sign to support building new production hall, designed to conduct business by innovative companies operating in Euro-Park Wisłosan SEZ. Meanwhile, two companies received permits to operate under the zone. Those are: Global Cosmed producing cosmetics and household chemistry and Precision Machine Parts Poland, which is specialising in aluminium, steel machining. Companies will invest PLN 40.5 m in total and create 60 new jobs. (SEZ)

Polish - Italia capital in Starachowice
The Polish - Italian Orizzonte gain the second permit to operate in Starachowice SEZ.

Under the zone the investor will build a plant where tools for producers of ceramic tiles will be produced and regenerated. The value of the investment is PLN 5.5 m. The company will hire 5 new employees. (SSE Starachowice)


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Source: www.nbp.pl


Shandong - Poland Investment Forum
On the occasion of the official visit of the Chinese delegation from Shandong province, headed by deputy governor Xia Geng, on 30 June, at 9.30, Sheraton hotel holds the Shandong - Poland Investment Promotion and Business Matchmaking Forum.

Companies from China represent the following industries: construction sector, biotechnology, chemical, agricultural, food, energy, mining, machinery, electronics, and manufacturing (including automotive parts, textiles), environmental protection, IT and high technology, logistics, real estate, insurance, legal services, culture, media and advertising, hospitality and tourism.

Companies interested in participating in the event should register on-line until 27 June by 12.00 at:www.gochina.gov.pl/Shandong_forum

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140630/shandong_poland_investment_forum. (PAIiIZ)

Poland - Georgia Investment Forum
On 1 July, at 10.30 am, Warsaw Stock Exchange holds the Poland - Georgia Investment Forum.

According to Doing Business  report, Georgia is on the 8th place in the ease of starting business and thus the country promotes itself as the leader of reform in post-Soviet countries.

Companies interested in participation in the event are asked to register on-line until 27, 5 pm at:www.paiz.gov.pl/Poland-Georgia Company profiles are available below.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20140701/Poland_Georgia_Investment_Forum. (Prospects in Poland)

High qualified workforce wanted!
Top 10 most difficult-to-fill in occupations in Poland and the ManpowerGroup 2014 Talent Shortage Survey will be presented in PAIiIZ on 2 July at 10.30 PAIiIZ.

During the meeting, issues related to global challenge for companies - attracting staff with appropriate qualifications and experience will be discusses.

Confirmation of participation until 30 June at: PR@pl.manpowergroup.com or by phoning 608 480 596 or 660 453 775

The meeting is organised by Manpower and PAIiIZ. (Manpower/PAIiIZ)


Industry, logistics and trade want to increase employment
This is the next quarter of a clear recovery of the Polish labour marker - the situation is slowly stabilising. However, employers are cautiously optimistic in terms of increasing employment. Moreover, companies are more interested in flexible forms of employment and outsourcing. Those are the results of the recent “Barometr ManpowerGroup” survey.

The latest quarterly survey provided by ManpowerGroup HR consulting company among 752 Polish employers shows that 75% of them do not consider making any personnel changes in the next quarter, while 15% of them plans to increase the number of employees. The group of “optimists” among employers is dominated by large companies, especially from the South - West of Poland, where the Net Employment Outlook for the third quarter of 2014 reached even + 10%. The SEMs are more cautious in planning the employment policy.

Companies representing the industrial production are considered as the most optimistic and the most willing to hire new employees. In this group the net employment for QIII reached even 17%. Strong optimism can be also seen in the transportation / logistics, communication, wholesale and retail trade. The experts also argue that employment prosperity is reinforced by foreign investments in BSS, automotive and R&D sectors. The growing demand for professionals with technical skills and sales experts is now a very clear trend of the Polish labour market. (Manpower)

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