February 12th, 2015,
 Issue 420


Those Who Change Polish Industry awarded
The Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received the award entitled “Ten, który zmienia polski przemysł” (“The One Who Change Polish Industry"). The award was given by Nowy Przemysł monthly and wnp.pl for effectiveness in supporting Polish economic expansion outside Poland and the EU. Ceremony was organised for the 15th time on 9 February, at the Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw.

“In Poland we experience an exciting situation: Polish companies are ready to exit from the European cocoon and this is the moment when the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs come to help”, commented PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman.

The awards were also given to: Rosomak, Unibep, Seco/Warwick Group, Piotr Voelkel, PKP Cargo, Enea, Tauron, PGE, PKN Orlen, Deepwater Container Terminal (DCT) Gdańsk, also for Wojciech Dąbrowski and Herbert Wirth.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150209/those_who_change_polish_industry_awarded. (PAIiIZ / wnp.pl)

The Eastern Poland at Gulfood 2015
More than 20 businessmen from the Eastern Poland marcoregion, due to PAIiIZ support participated in the Gulfood 2015 in Dubai. During the economic and investment mission to the United Arab Emirates, the Agency was represented by deputy president Monika Piątkowska.

Polish stand at Gulfood 2015

Gulfood 2015 was attended by over 4,800 exhibitors from all over the world to promote and sell their products in the fast growing Middle East market. Poland was represented there by companies from Eastern Poland, as the food sector is the dominant branch of the economy of macroregion. One of its key areas is the meat and dairy industry. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables are products with the highest export potential.

UAE is the main Polish trade partner in the region and a gateway to other countries in the Persian Gulf. In the first nine months of 2014 the value of Polish exports to the United Arab increased by 53% year to year.

Business talks in the presence of PAIiIZ deputy president Monika Piątkowska

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150209/the_eastern_poland_at_gulfood_2015. (PAIIIZ)


Samsung Electronics in Wronki
On 12 September, Wronki near Poznań, held the ceremony of launching a new production line of Samsung Electronics. “This is 250 new jobs”, commented PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman.

The project focuses on the increase of production capacity and expanding the range of washing machines and refrigerators that will be manufactured in Wronki by 2016. The investment will deliver more than 250 new jobs to the company and about 60 new jobs to the company’s suppliers. The project received a grant from the programme of supporting the investments of significant importance for Polish economy.

Guests that attended the opening ceremony also visited School No. 1 in Wronki, where Samsung has created a special science centre for students. Due to that, young people can prepare for the demands of employer in terms of know- how of the latest technologies.

“This project is an excellent example of cooperation on dual education system between local government, local education centre and business”, commented deputy prime minister, Janusz Piechociński. After the course the best students may be invited to apprenticeships at the R&D Centre in Samsung’s plant.

For Samsung, the factory in Wronki is the first company’s investment in household appliances production in the European Union. (PAIiIZ)

PAIiIZ investments
1,486 - this is a number of new jobs that will be created in the nearest future by investors supported by PAIiIZ. This year, PAIiIZ has already completed 5 investment projects with a total value of €45.8m.

The Agency is currently providing 162 investments worth € 3016.59m in total that can lead to the creation of 29,963 new jobs in the country.

In terms of country of origin, the US still holds the leading position. The total value of 50 American investments is € 988.61m (6,584 new jobs are planned). From the sectorial point of view, automotive sector is the most popular (34 projects worth € 653.25m; 6,670 new jobs).

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150206/paiiiz_investments. (PAIiIZ)

Two investments in the Kraków SEZ
Kraków Technology Park issued the first permits in 2015. They were given to Nidec Motors & Actuators and Grape Up.

Reinvestment of Japanese company Nidec Motors & Actuators will be based on the expansion of the existing plant and equipping it with new production lines. The value of the investment is PLN 15M. 15 new jobs will be created. Grape Up, a company providing IT services plans is to hire 80 employees. The value of the project is PLN 864,000. (KPT)


  • Exchange rates (as of 12.02.2015):









Source: www.nbp.pl


Join the survey! What factors determine the involvement of companies in R&D?
Deloitte consulting company invites you to take part in the survey on factors determining the involvement of companies in R&D.

The survey will be conducted among entrepreneurs from 11 countries in the region. The participants will have the opportunity to share their opinion on factors encouraging them to increase expenditure on research, development and innovation.

The question form should be completed not later than by 16 February.

Read more: www.deloitte.com/pl/badaniairozwoj. (Deloitte)

Invest in Lower Silesia
On 16 February a Seminar entitled “Lower Silesia and the Wrocław Agglomeration as an Investment Location” will be held in Wrocław City Hall. The seminar will focus on investment potential of the region in the eyes of investors, defining priority sectors and its labour market.

Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency, JP Weber and HRK, prepared analyses of seven dynamically developing sectors of Wrocław Agglomeration, which will be presented during the event. The analyses include: automotive industry, electronics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, IT, BPO and food industry. Also a survey among investors on region’s attractiveness in terms of investment activity was carried out.

More information: www.invest-in-wroclaw.pl/seminarium-dolny-slask-i-aglomeracja-wroclawska-jako-miejsce-inwestycji. (Invest in Wrocław)

Investment promotion - welcome to the training
International investment promotion is a topic of the training, which will be held on 23 February at the Hotel Regent. The meeting is co-organized by PAIiIZ and fDi Intelligence.

The training will be held between 9.30-17.00 and will be conducted by experts from the Financial Times, specialized in foreign direct investments. The event is a great opportunity to learn about the best practices of investment agencies from all over the world.

The awards ceremony of “Polish Cities of the Future” will be a final highlight of a training. The ceremony will be held on the same day at the Hotel Regent between17.30-20.00.

Access to the training is free of charge. The number of places is limited.

Registration is available on - line fDi@ft.com. (PAIiIZ /fDi Magazine)

Gmina na 5!
On 27 February, Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), will hold "Gmina na 5” Forum (The top Municipality Forum)". The event is organized by the Collegium of Business Administration in SGH under the patronage of PAIiIZ.

Speakers will discuss good practices of local governments in terms of communication with investors and entrepreneurs using modern media. During the meeting, speakers will present the results of the programme "Gmina na 5".

The meeting will be attended by representatives of business, science and government institutions.

Forum M will be held at: SGH Al. Niepodległości 128, (Building C), Hall I. and stats at 12.00 AM.

Application for participation are available by 16 February) by zob@sgh.waw.pl, tel. +48 22 564 95 38.

http://kolegia.sgh.waw.pl/pl/KNoP/struktura/IP/struktura/ZOB/wspolpraca/skn/Strony/default.aspx. (SGH/PAIiIZ)

Polish Medical Tourism - join the meeting
We invite you for the first Polish session dedicated to the Polish Medical Tourism at the World’s leading travel trade show ITB Berlin. The event will held on 4 March at the Palais Hotel in Berlin at 12:00.

During the meeting, a special offer of Polish Medical Tourism will be presented. You will discover Polish unique modern procedures that are unavailable in any other European country.

Registration is available on-line by www.paiz.gov.pl/medical_tourism until 22 February.

For more information, please contact: Magdalena Rutkowska m.rutkowska@ameds.pl or Iwona Lipska iwona.lipska@paiz.gov.pl or visit www.polandmedicaltourism.com. (PAIiIZ)

Investment Summit "Select USA"
Register at the second Investment Summit "Select USA", which will take place on 23 March and 24 in Washington. This event will help to get answers for questions related to the process of opening office, starting production or creating a distribution centre in the United States.

The meeting is dedicated to all investors no matter the size of the company as well as to proffestional, trade chambers and association active in investment in US area.

More information is available on www.SelectUSAsummit.com or by Witold Czajkowski, 22 625 43 74 from the US Embassy. office.warsaw@trade.gov. (the Embassy of U.S.)


Furniture - Polish export hit
Poland is celebrating great success in the global furniture market. 9 out of 10 products made in Poland go abroad. Polish furniture exports value in 2014 reached €8 billion. Manufacture of furniture represents 3% of industrial production of the country.

Poland is the fifth world power in the furniture sector and Polish exports of furniture is lower only than the one in China, Germany, Italy and the USA. 80% of Polish exports is directed to the countries of the European Union. Among the biggest customer of Polish furniture there are: Germany (40% of share in exports), France, Czech Republic, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Large and medium companies have 80% share in the sales, while micro and small companies are highly flexible and can easily adapt to the customers’ needs and expectations. Almost 130 employees in the sector represent the production of furniture while the rest are divided on suppliers of components and furniture sellers.

© Hii Boh Teck-Fotolia.com

Furniture products are included by the Ministry of Economy to programme "Promotion of Polish economy in the international markets." (Ministry of Economy)

Poland as the fastes developing economy in UE
According to PwC forecasts published in “The World in 2050”, Poland will reach the highest average growth rate of all the major economies of the EU. The country is also expected to overtake Russia regarding the long-term growth.

Polish real average GDP growth by 2050 will reach about 2.7% per year, while in 2014-2020 period Poland will grow by 3.4% per annum. However, political crisis in Ukraine and economic problems which are constantly struggling euro zone are the most current challenges for the Polish economy.

According to the authors of the report China will be the largest economy by 2030, but in the long-term, the growth rate of the country will return to the global average. By 2050, India will compete with the United States for second place in the global ranking of GDP, while Indonesia, Mexico and Nigeria could push out Britain and France from the list of the top 10 economies. By 2050, Colombia and Poland will record significantly higher average growth rate than their larger neighbours in the region - Brazil and Russia.

The publication “The World in 2050: Is a shift in the balance of power the world's economies will be maintained?” presents the long-term potential GDP growth forecast for 2050 for the 32 largest economies in the world, producing 84% of the total world GDP. (PwC)

Directions 2015: challenges, opportunities, forecasts
The economic growth rate in 2015 will depend on the scale of the use of EU funds from the 2007-2013 period; while such factors as: oil, Russia, dollar, the euro area will influence the economic and political realities of the country - write the authors of the DNP Poland and Deloitte report on global challenges, opportunities and sectorial forecasts for 2015.

The report forecast that the economies of China and India will slow down, but the level of their GDP still will be high (6-7%). The economic recovery in the US (about 3%) contrasts with the stagnation in the euro zone and Japan (less than 1%), whole economic growth in England and Poland is projected at a similar level - about 3%. On the other hand, Russia is supposed to experience a dip recession caused by a decline in oil prices and Western embargo.

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The lack of labour shortages, caused by the imbalance between people entering the labour market and those who depart from it, is expected to be a significant structural obstacle in Polish economy. (DNB Bank of Poland)


It is about only one thing: new jobs
On 6 February, in the presence of PAIiIZ president, Sławomir Majman and deputy president Anna Polak-Kocińska, governor of Mazowsze province, Jacek Kozłowski and representatives of the Industrial Development Agency, signed a letter of intent on the establishment of Radomska Stefa Gospodarcza (Radom Economic Zone).

„Radomska Stefa Gospodarcza has been established to create economic alternative to Radom. The combination of location factors (proximity to Warsaw), access to well trained workforce as well as low rental costs and cheaper real estate, make Radom a real competitor of Warsaw in attracting both foreign and Polish investors. The city creates big opportunities for the development of shared services sector, therefore it can play a role of a nearshore outsourcing centre for the capital of Poland. The initiative of creation of Radomska Stefa Gospodarcza should also open Radom for new industrial investments and the creation on new jobs in the city and its area.

The signatories of the letter of intent (source: the City of Radom)

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150206/it_is_about_only_one_thing_new_jobs. (PAIiIZ)

Kraków with "Best City of the Year" award
Kraków, for the second time in a row, was awarded as the "Best City of the Year" regarding Poland’s outsourcing centres in the CEE Outsourcing and Shared Services Awards contests. Capita Poland, operating in the Krakow SEZ was chosen as the company of the year.

For several years, Kraków has been a leader of outsourcing in Poland. At the end of 2014,

100 outsourcing centres has been operating in the city, employing 38,000 people. CEE Outsourcing and Shared Services Awards was received by Capita Poland, as the company of the year. It has been operating in Kraków SEZ since 2011. Special Award went to ASPIRE association, representing companies from the IT sector and advanced business services. (KPT)


Polish audio plays conquere foreign markets
Audio plays based on comic books become an unique feature on the Polish market. Studios like Sound Tropez or Audioteka, which bases its business on books, are conquering foreign markets.

Among the comic books recorded by Sound Tropez there are such hits as “Thorgal”, “Kajko and Kokosz”, “Conan the Barbarian”, “The Witcher: House of Glass”, “Funky Koval”, and “The Walking Dead”.

Audioteka is expanding its reach into global markets. After the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Sweden and Italy the time has come for Spanish-speaking countries - not only Spain, but Mexico, Argentina, Chile and other Latin American countries. This year the company plans to enter to the Turkish and Brazil markets. Using of many actors, music, and sound effects become the quality sign of Audioteka. The company’s offers around 25,000 audio books from the whole world: 8,000 in Germany, 4,500 in Poland, 3,500 in Sweden, over a thousand in France, and around 800 in Spanish-speaking countries. (www.polska.pl/en)

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