March 19th, 2015,
 Issue 425


Governmental agreement on economic cooperation with Turkmenistan
Deputy prime minister Janusz Piechociński and PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman together with Polish business took part in the business mission to Turkmenistan.

On 17 March, the first in the history economic agreement between Poland and Turkmenistan was signed. Next day, Poland - Turkmenistan Business Forum that is moderated by PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman was held. The delegation also took part in the opening of the International Manufacturers Trade Fair in Ashgabat where Polish national section has been arranged.

Participants of Polish-Turkmen Business Forum (source: Ministry of Economy)

Turkmenistan is an important partner for Poland. It is located along the New Silk Route - the economic “belt” linking China with Europe trough Middle Asia. “We expect that the last station of the route will be Gdańsk or Łódź. Turkmenistan is important for us as a place where important Chinese investments can be located”, argued Sławomir Majman. Among sectors of Polish economy with the biggest export potential in Turkmenistan he mentioned food processing, furniture industry and environmental protection technologies.

Polish-Turkmen Forum led by PAIiIZ's president Sławomir Majman (source: Ministry of Economy)

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150317/governmental_agreement_on_economic_cooperation_with_turkmenistan.

(PAIiIZ/Ministry of Economy)

Three years of Polish medical tourism promotion
“For the first time in the history, Poland has been promoting itself as a medical tourism destination. Due to the international promotion of the medical tourism sector, that lasted for 3 years, foreign audience have discovered the potential of our country”, said PhD Ada Kostrz-Kostecka, head of the programme of promotion of Polish medical tourism on International markets 2012-2015 that was provided in cooperation of PAIiIZ. The conference summarizing the project was held on 18 March in PAIiIZ.

12 trade fairs, 7 economic missions and 3 workshops were arranged under the programme to promote the Polish health care centres and to share their experience with foreign counterparts. “Inviting foreign representatives of the sector to Poland is the most effective way to promote medical tourism, argued Magdalena Rutkowska from Ameds Centrum. According to all providers of the project, in the future, after the end of the project, on-line promotion of the sector’s offer, arranging economic mission and B2B talk should be developed.

Ada Kostrz-Kostecka PhD: After theree years of the programme, foreign audience discovered the potential of our country

Data shows that foreign patients are mostly interested in the offer of Polish dentists, orthopaedists and cardiologists. Also Polish plastic surgery, weight loss surgery and oncology and are highly appreciated. Moreover, Poland has the unique product - sanatoriums that almost don’t exist in other foreign markets. It is also worth to mention that under the programme of Polish medical tourism promotion, two clusters - gathering Mazovian and national companies were created.

More information: www.paiz.gov.pl/20150318/three_years_of_polish_medical_tourism_promotion. (PAIiIZ/Ameds Centrum)


New factory of Nestlé is open
In Nowa Wieś near Wrocław PURINA PetCare factory of pet food provided by Nestlé was opened. This is the first PURINA’s factory is Poland and the third in the Central Europe. The investment was supported by PAIiIZ.

Poland is the biggest market of pet food in Central Europe. Despite the fact that PURINA brand has been present in Poland since 15 years, this product has been manufactured outside the country.

By the end of 2015, the company plans to invest extra PLN 153m and create 150 other new jobs. It is worth to mention, that Nestlé’s is providing CSR programme entitled “Nestlé needs YOUth” that promotes employment of young people without any job experience and provides apprenticeships in the factory in Nowa Wieś. (Ministry of Economy/Nestlé)

Normex printing plant
Normex printing plant joined to companies that operate in the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. This is the fourth business permit issued by the PSEZ this year.

The company specializes in printing, offset printing and bookbinding finishing. The new investment project involves the construction of new plant with office and storage facilities and modern production lines.

The total value of investments that already received business permits in PSEZ reached PLN 60m. (PSEZ)

Investment in Mielecka SEZ
ML Systems has received a permit to operate in the Mielec Special Economic Zone and create 12 new jobs. The cost of the investment is PLN 20 m.

Under the investment ML Systems will build a production hall and buy a production lines for precision machining and fusion glass to establish the production of photovoltaic panels.

ML Systems operates in the zone since 2013. (Ministry of Economy)

Warmia and Mazury SEZ gets bigger
The Council of Ministers adopted an amendment extending Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone by 63 hectares.

The development plan of Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone includes acquiring new sites in Warmia-Mazury and Mazowieckie provinces. Under incorporated sites, 4 investors will provide business. Those are: Żuławska Fabryka Mebli in Elbląg, Paged-Sklejka in Morąg, Mazurskie Meble Szynaka-Interline in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie and Tymbark MWS in Olsztynek.

It is expected that at the included area 674 new jobs should be created, while the total capital expenditures of investors will reach PLN 352m. (Ministry of Economy)


  • Exchange rates (as of 19.03.2015):









Source: www.nbp.pl


Towards Japan - join the seminary
On 27 of March PAIiIZ and JETRO will host the seminary summing up the business mission which accompanied the president of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski during his official visit to Japan in February 2015.

The seminar will provide its attendees with the information about the outlook for developing business relations by Polish companies with Japan as well as it will give the opportunity to learn from experts about the attractiveness of Japanese market for foreign investors. The meeting start at 11:00 at PAIiIZ (Bagatela 12, in Warsaw).

Application is available until 24 March by www.paiz.gov.pl/misja_Japonia. (PAIiIZ)

Polish business on emerging markets: Mongolia and Ghana
PAIiIZ together with the Polish - Mongolian Chamber of Industry and Commerce invite you to take part in the conference on how to provide business on emerging markets.

During the meeting the investment climate in Mongolia and its tourist offer will be presented. Experts will also provide you with social and economic environment of Sub-Saharan Africa countries including Ghana.

The meeting will be held on 26 March at 12:30 at PAIiIZ (ul. Bagatela 12, Warsaw). Registration is available by 23 March by www.paiz.gov.pl/Mongolia_Ghana. (PAIiIZ)

„Kreator Miejsc Pracy” - choose the best employers
Take part in the contest organized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy entitled “Kreator Miejsc Pracy” (the creator of new jobs). The application is available by 29 May.

The contest aims to award the best employers who create new jobs and employed the biggest number of people in 2014. The “Kreator miejsc pracy 2015” award will be given in 5 categories: small, medium, big company, big industrial production company, big trade - service company. Extra points can be scored due to employing people under 30 years old, those who are +50 years old, as well as disabled people.

More information (Polish version): www.mpips.gov.pl/konkurs

ABC Przedsiębiorczości - welcome to the workshop
Who can set up a one-man business in Poland? How to get the public aid for providing business? Those questions will be discussed during the ABC Przedsiębiorczości workshop (ABC of Enterprise) arranged by the Fundacja dla Somalii. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

The workshop is arranged until the end on March in Bracka 18/63 in Warsaw.

More information is available on: www.fds.org.pl. (Fundacja dla Somalii)

Matchmaking meeting in Cologne
Take part in the matchmaking meeting between Polish and German companies that will be arranged by the Polish Trade and Investment Office of the Polish Embassy in Germany. The meeting will be held on 28 April in Cologne.

The meeting aims to support the development of cooperation between science sector in Poland and Germany under the EU Horizon 2020 Programme. It is dedicated to companies and science centres from such sectors as: ICT, energy, environment protection, NMP (Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials and Production) and transportation.

The meeting will be held in the Polish Trade and Investment Office in the Polish Consulate in Cologne. The access to the meeting is free of charge.

More information: www.kolonia.trade.gov.pl

The First Industrial Investment Forum
On 15 April, The First Industrial Investment Forum arranged by Tereny Inwestycyjne will be held. PAIiIZ took the patronage over the event.

During the forum, the most important aspects of modern industrial investments will be presented. The meeting will be divided in two discussions panel: “The best time for Investments in Eastern Poland” and “Green Industry - the news standards”.

To attend, please visit: www.terenyinwestycyjne.info/index.php/konferencje-i-targi/konferencje-terenow-inwestycyjnych-info/item/8421-i-ogolnopolskie-forum-inwestycji-przemyslowych#rejestracja.

More information: www.TerenyInwestycyjne.info. (Tereny Inwestycyjne)

Automotive CEE Day
PAIiIZ took the patronage over the second edition of purchasing meeting - Automotive CEE Day. The event will be held on 28 and 29 April in Kraków.

Business talks between automotive companies in CEE countries which are interested in establishing cooperation in the area of production, both in national and international scale are the main highlight of the meeting.

The event is organised by AutomotiveSuppliers.pl. More information is available on www.automotiveceeday.eu. (Automotive Suppliers)


Creative sector benefiting from public aid
In March, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Culture and National Heritage established the project entitled “Grupa Robocza ds. inteligentnych technologii kreacyjnych” (the group on development of smart technologies in creative sectors) that will provide works on defining the specializations of the sector to help them to acquire EU founds on R&D projects.

The creative sector in Poland is considered as one of the most significant industry for innovation development in the country. It is also said to impact on the increase of competitiveness of Polish companies in foreign markets and to generate new range of products and areas of national economy.

The creative industry and culture have been included as the 19th on the list of Smart Specializations in Poland. This specialization covers such areas as: multimedia, industrial design or computer games. (Ministry of Economy)

Manpower - the prospects of employment
Seven out of ten surveyed sectors by Manpower in Poland expects the increase of employment in the second quarter of 2015. The same trend is observed in all regions of the country. The best opportunities of finding new job are reported in construction, transportation & logistics as well as industrial production sectors.

Among 750 surveyed employers in Poland, 73% plan to maintain the number of staff at the current level, 16% expect the increase of employment while 7% plan to reduce the number of employees.

In terms of the regions, there is a trend of increasing the employment in five out of six regions. The most significant improvement of employment policy was recorded in Northern West (by 5 FVC) as well as in the East (by 4 FVC) of the country. (ManpowerGroup)


Baltic Cluster of Medical Tourism
Pomerania Special Economic Zone joined the newly established Baltic Cluster of Medical Tourism that was designed to promote the region as an attractive medical destination in Poland among foreign tourists.

The Cluster gathers about 50 various companies and institutions from the region of Pomerania. Among them there are: hospitals, beauty and dentist clinics, hotels, SPAs and rehabilitation centres. (PSEZ)


Investment vehicles
Under the Bridge Alfa programme, ten so called “investment vehicles” has been created. Those are organizations that will support Polish innovators to enter the market with their products. Every “vehicle” has a budget of PLN 170 m.

Then “investment vehicles” combine the work of private investors from various sectors. Vehicles were designed to provide the support for innovations at the beginning of the R&D process (proof-of-principle or proof-of-concept stage of product development) to help them to acquire investment founds or support from National Centre of Research and Development during next stages of product development. They will also assess whether the project has a chance of success. (NCRD)

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