August 11th, 2011,
Issue 239




Warsaw 12th most popular business location in the world!

Poland’s capital city ranked 5th in Europe and 12th in the world in the ranking of top cities for business published by CB Richard Ellis!.

CB Richard Ellis, a multinational real estate corporation, checked which countries and cities are favored office locations and why.

Out of the 280 big international concerns which were covered by the survey, 150 operate in Poland’s capital city (i.e. 54% of the selected companies) what gives Warsaw 12th position in the ranking. Hong Kong which came 1st hosts 192 i.e. 86% of the surveyed companies. Singapore which ranked 2nd was followed by Tokyo. Warsaw was the 5th best from among European cities which ranked high in the ranking and was outperformed only by London (4th position), Moscow (6 position), Madrid (8th position) and Paris (10th position).

Copyright laurent dambies, Fotolia

Interestingly enough, outside Asia, only Warsaw, Moscow and Dubai attract more than 70% of firms in the Industrial Goods & Services sector which is dominated by Asian countries – 7 out of the top 10 most popular office locations in the sector are on the continent. (CB Richard Ellis)

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Over PLN 51 000 for the victims of the Japanese earthquake

The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency gathered PLN 51.706,07 during the charity concert for Japan.

The Charity Concert for the Japanese Earthquake Disaster at Tanabata Night took place on July 9th, 2011 at the Theatre on Water in Warsaw Royal Baths. The concert gathered Polish and Japanese artists: Polish jazz singer Aga Zaryan with her band, violinist Mayuko Katsumura who was born in Tokyo, pianist Noriko Kawai and Japanese composer and pianist Tempei Nakamura. The concert enjoyed the patronage of the Polish Ministry of Economy and the Embassy of Japan in Poland.

Money from tickets sale and sponsor contributions amounted to PLN 72 379,05. The organisation of the concert (preparation and distribution of invitations, venue costs, technical services, catering and artists’ travel costs) cost PLN 20 672,98. Artists gave the concert for no pay.

The money was remitted to the account of the Japanese Embassy in Poland, through which it will be forwarded to the Japanese Red Cross and devoted to the needs of all those who suffered in the earthquake.

The event was organised by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, Shokokai - the Japan Association of Employers in Poland and JICA Alumni Association in Poland (JAAP) and the Japanese Club in Poland. The Organising Committee expresses thanks to all donors and those who have helped in organizing the concert. (PAIiIZ)

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Pride of Poland, the Purebred Arabian Horses auction gathers breeders from all over the world

At this year’s Pride of Poland the most expensive mares were sold for almost half million Euro. The Janów Podlaski Purebred Arabian Horses auction is the most prestigious event of this kind in the world.

This year the Days of Arabian Horse in Janów Podlaski, an annual event dedicated to Polish purebred Arabian horse, took place on August 5th - 7th.

This unique event is organized every year by horses studs in Janów Podlaski, Michałów and Białka. The Days of Arabian Horses consist of two separate events taking place annually in August: Purebred Arabian Horses National Exhibition and Pride of Poland: Auction of Purebred Arabian Horses, the second event has been organized for over 40 years.

''Piazenza'', the most expensive horse of this year’s Pride of Poland. Fot. Agricultural Market Agency

During this year’s Pride of Poland auction, 24 horses were sold for almost EUR 2 million –almost twice as much as the year before. The biggest emotions were evoked by the auction of the Michałów Stud 2-years old mare “Piacenza”, which were entered for the auction at the last minute. The buyer from Qatar paid for it EUR 475 000. The second star of this year’s Pride f Poland – “Palabra” from Janów Podlaski stud – was sold for EUR 400 000.

24 horses were sold during the auction: 8 of them will find their homes in Australia, others will go to the USA, the UK, the Czech Republic, France and Belgium. One horse was bought by Shirley Watts’, wife of the percussionist from the Rolling Stones.

Horses from Janów Podlaski are considered to be among the most expensive in the world. In 2008 the price record was established: “Kwestura”, a mare from Michałów stud, was sold to a buyer from the United Arab Emirates for EUR 1.125 million, while the whole auction brought over EUR 3 million.

The Days of Arabian Horses are run by the Agricultural Market Agency  (ANR/www.prideofpoland.pl)

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The luxury goods market in Poland

In its latest report for the years 2005-2010 KPMG informs that the Polish luxury goods market rose 50% and is now fourth in the world in terms of development dynamics.

The report says that from among 200 global luxury brands which were identified by the research, 61% is available in Poland, 8% more than in the previous report. The report shows that is goods from the high-tech sector as well as upmarket alcoholic beverages and stimulants that are most easily available on the luxury goods market in Poland. Among the sectors which tend to be least represented in the market are hotel services, accessories, clothes, shoes and bags although the last segment did record several significant debuts (e.g. Christian Louboutin).

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In 2010 the number of well-off Poles rose from 606 thousand in 2009 and reached 620 thousand. The definition of a well-off person here covers persons who exceeded in 2009 the statutory income tax threshold (PLN 85.5thousand a year i.e. around 7.1 thousand a month). Almost 1/3 of the persons live in the region of Mazowsze and a high percentage of the group reside in the regions of Śląsk, Wielkopolska and Małopolska.

Last year saw 118 382 new luxury car registered in the country. The most popular was Audi which was followed by BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and Saab. It is worth noting that the registered cars were usually 5 or more years old.

The number of sports and recreational boats and yachts registered in Poland has been at the same level for the last two years  - over 1.5 thousand units. In turn, the number of privat and corporate planes and helicopters has been on the rise. As of January 2011 there were 2215 planes registered in Poland i.e. a 3.6% rise in comparison to 2010 - 852 of the planes were owned by private persons or companies (except companies active in the aviation sector).

Poland’s luxury goods market is one of the most promising luxury markets in Europe. In 2010 the market could be worth nearly PLN 3.5 billion and is expected to expand in 2011-2015 by further 40%. The biggest segment of the market, worth in 2010 PLN 1.16 billion (nearly 1/3 of the whole market) was jewellery and watches. Further down were luxury spirits, clothing and footwear, and super premium class cosmetics. (KPMG)

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  • European funds for infrastructure and environment

    The first half of this year saw a substantial headway in the realisation of the biggest programme concerning infrastructure development in Poland. Poland distributed PLN 65 billion from the Operational Programme - Infrastructure and Environment among entrepreneurs, local administration units, cultural institutions, health care units, higher education institutions and other state administration entities. - At the end of 2010 the number of grant agreements was over 1100  and increased by 250 during the first half of 2011. Most of these projects are multi-annual projects with huge budgets, implementation of which would not be possible without the support of EU funds - says Adam Zdziebło, Deputy Minister for Regional Development.

    The express road S3

    The sectors which recorded the highest number of projects supported by the Operational Programme was transportation and environment (increase in the first half of 2011 by PLN 9.7 billion and PLN 4 billion respectively). Beneficiaries of the Programme have already been granted PLN 15.6 billion – nearly PLN 7 billion in 2010 and PLN 4.8 billion within the first six months of 2011. (Ministry of Regional Development)

  • Ministry of Labour and Social Policy: labour market in July 2011

    Unemployment in July was 11.7% and fell by 0.1 percentage point in comparison to June this year. The number of unemployed people was 1 863 300. At the same time employers reported 63 100 new vacancies and labour activation posts.

    In July 2011 unemployment fell in 12 regions. The strongest decrease occurred in Western Pomerania, in Mazowsze and Świętokrzyskie the rate stayed at the same level as in the previous months and it slightly increased in Podkarpacie and Podlasie.

    The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy sees the fall in unemployment rate as especially positive given that July is traditionally the month when graduates without work tend to get registered. (Ministry of Labour and Social Policy)

  • Exchange rates (as of 11.08.2011):









Source: www.nbp.pl

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Optimists, realists and pessimists about shale gas in Poland

Pomerania, the Baltic Sea, the Bay of Gdańsk and the Vistula Bay are among the shale gas richest areas in the world - informs Invest in Pomerania.

American gas experts claim that shale gas deposits may cover up to 2/3 of the region of Pomerania and may contain enough material to provide security energy for the next 300 years.

Poland’s shale gas deposits.

News about Pomerania’s potential shale gas deposits reaching 4.8 milliard m3 and the first successful horizontal drillings in Łubień near Lębork sparked off an intense public debate. The debate attracts both positive and negative opinions concerning the ways of using unconventional gas resources.

That is why we encourage you to read an article by Magdalena Wroniak about the subject www.madeinpomorskie.pl

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Regional Centre for the Transfer of Modern Production Technologies will be constructed in Mielec

The Centre will be one of the most modern in Poland. The project will cost PLN 15.5 million and the first training sessions will be organised at the end of 2012.

The Centre will be the biggest in the region and will train qualified staff in the field of new technologies. The building will measure almost 2.5 thousand m2 and will include CAD/CAM laboratories, rooms for the programming and stimulation of CNC machine tools, mechatronics and plane structure assembly.

The project will cost PLN 15.5 million out of which PLN 13 million comes from the Regional Operational Programme for Podkarpacie. The Mielec poviat will invest PLN 2.3 million. Construction works are planned to be finished by October next year and the Centre should be ready to run first training courses in November 2012. (www.polskawschodnia.eu)

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Students from Kraków win International Mathematics Competition

Four students from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków won the 18th International Mathematical Competition for University Students. The competition is one of most prestigious competitions for math students.

The Polish team supervised by PhD Jakub Byszewski, included Maciej Gawron, Tomasz Kobos, Jakub Konieczny and Przemyslaw Mazur. The latter also came first in individual results.

During 2 Sessions of 5 hours each student had to solve 10 problems from the fields of Algebra, Analysis (Real and Complex), Geometry and Combinatorics.

Jagiellonian University students won with 192,75 points outstripping many renowned universities such as Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Saint Petersburg State University or Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.
Krakow University already won the competition before in 2006. (www.naukawpolsce.pap.pl)

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Original fore(k)play on Polish cuisine

How to make pickles? What can you do with the salty herring in oil? How to roast beetroots? You can learn all this and much more from a cookbook published by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The book presents the diversity of Polish cuisine through Polish products which have been used in Polish cuisine for centuries. In order to change the stereotype stating, that everything Poland has to offer are “pierogi” [cabbage/meat dumplings] and “schabowy” [pork cutlets], authors show how to serve unusual Polish dishes in a modern way: light and appetizing.

The chefs invited to the project recruited from among the best Polish cooks. They re-discover the tradition, use long-forgotten products and present them in a modern way.

Source: www.poland.gov.pl

Some of them use modern techniques, re-inventing well-known dishes in a surprising way, creating new forms and flavors.

The book’s aim is to retain Polish cuisine heritage, support small producers who manufacture local delicacies and resurrect the Polish cuisine and craft traditions.

The presentation of the regional and the traditional products focuses on things which distinguish Poles and their cuisine and presents how to creatively intorduce Polish tradition into cuisines of other nations. The book is perfect also for beginners!

http://leipzig.polnischekultur.de/files/kuchnia_ekran_ver_en.pdf  English version

http://leipzig.polnischekultur.de/files/kuchnia_ekran_ver_pl.pdf Polish version

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