June 9th, 2017,
 Issue 541


European Financial Congress: Poland and investment challenges
Business representatives and political decision-makers met in Sopot at the European Financial Congress to discuss the economy and financial stability of the continent. Poland Capital Summit that was arranged by PAIH and dedicated to the future of foreign direct investment, was one of the highlights of the Congress.

PAIH invited a wide range of experts and investors to talk about the competitive advantages of Poland for Foreign Direct Investments. Among the business experts there were representatives of the biggest investors in production, service and R&D. They all agreed that what defines the attractiveness of Poland for investment is a set of several unique factors the country has. "Big internal market, central location, improving infrastructure, and what is the most important, the human capital", jointly mentioned Małgorzata Wadzińska of P&G and Ewa Łabno - Fałęcka of Mercedes Manufacturing Polska. "Well educated professionals is the biggest asset Poland has", they added.

Poland Capital Summit at the European Economic Congress

“The access to well-trained technicians is today the first need of investors in the R&D sector. Such investments are increasingly entering Poland in recent days. Among the projects currently supported by the Polish Trade and Investment Agency, there are 16 investments from the research sector, that can generated nearly 2,000 new jobs for engineers or scientists in Poland.

Michał Turczyk from Deloitte stress the importance of research and development investments for the Polish economy, especially for the labour market. “The implementation of any research and development project is expensive. That is why, the investor is keen to stay in the chosen location for years”, said Deloitte's chief of R&D and Government Incentives. (PAIH)

Taiwanese photovoltaic companies searching for partners in Poland
PAIH invited Taiwanese investors to discuss opportunities for bilateral cooperation in photovoltaic sector. The meeting was hosted by Tomasz Pisula, president of PAIH.

Meeting with business delegation from Taiwan in PAIH

“Taiwan is place that cannot be omitted, when thinking about of the expansion in the Asian markets”, Tomasz Pisula said during the meeting.

The Taiwan industrial production is based on advanced technologies. The country is known as a global provider of photovoltaic components. The representatives of this segment of the Taiwanese market visited the Agency to develop business cooperation with Polish trading partners. “Our entrepreneurs are looking for new opportunities in the European markets, including Poland”, said Henry M.J. Chen from Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Poland. “We should encourage the private sectors from both countries to cooperate with each other", he added.

Meeting with business delegation from Taiwan in PAIH

Held after the end of official part of the meeting, B2B session was the opportunity to establish relationships between Polish companies and ten biggest Taiwanese companies from Taipei metropolitan area that came to Poland looking for new business partners.

After the workshop in PAIH, the delegation from Taipei visited Polish producers of photovoltaic components. It also paid a visit at the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Energy in Poland. (PAIH)

Meeting with business delegation from Taiwan in PAIH


Grohman’s Awards and 20 years of Łódź SEZ
The Łódź Special Economic Zone celebrates twenty years of existence. On 5 June, during the Anniversary Gala, Grohman Prizes were handed out. Special prize winners were given the awards by Krzysztof Senger, Executive Vice President of PAIH.

“Łódź SEZ is constantly working to acquire new investments. Soon, we will be able to announce next projects”, said Marek Michalik, the President of ŁSSE S.A. Representatives of the zone talked about new initiatives that the ŁSEZ has recently established. The zones has started to support start-ups and opened production and storage spaces to small and medium-sized companies, which were offered public aid.

During the Gala, the Grohman’s Awards were given. Among the winners there were: BSH Sprzęt Gospodarstwa Domowego; manufacturer of automotive components, Hearing Polska which has been operating in the zone since 2002; the American P&G Operations that holds one of the company’s largest razor blades factory in Łódź. The prizes also went to two Polish manufacturers and exporters of ceramic tiles: Paradyż Group and Tubądzin Group.

Special awards were also given. In the category of "Investor - Patron" the awards went to Virako for CSR activities of the company’s Virako Foundation, which supports poor children and organizes cultural events. The same distinction went to Pietrucha for its involvement in the Expo 2022 organization in Łódź and the promotion of this initiative in the countries in which the company provides business (including Africa and South America). Awards in "Important for Łódź" category went to Łódź Voivodship authorities and the Łódź University of Technology. Both parties were nominated for the promotion of Łódź business and supporting the cooperation of local companies with academic institutions. (ŁSEZ)

Mondelēz opens R&D+Q centre in Bielany Wrocławskie
On 7 June, representatives of Mondelēz International, local and central administration as well as members of academic institutions in Wrocław, took part in the grand opening of Mondelēz International Research, Development and Quality Centre in Bielany Wrocławskie. The project has been supported by PAIH.

Mondelēz's R&D+Q centre in Bielany Wrocławskie

Worth nearly $17m, Mondelēz’s centre is one of the most innovate R&D+Q facilities owned by the company, globally. At the same time, it is the third R&D+Q centre Mondelēz set up in Europe. Mondelēz’s R&D+Q Centre has been located close to the company’s chocolate factory in Bielany Wrocławskie to develop new recipes of chocolate and cakes (including Milka, Oreo, Alpen Gold, Lubiś), there. Over 250 professionals will be employed in the centre.

“The choice of Wrocław as the location of the R&D+Q Centre was obvious. Wrocław is a modern city open to investment”, said Rob Hargrove, Vice President of Research, Development and Quality Centre at Mondelēz International. “Here in Wrocław, there are the best technology universities in the country, so is the access to skilled staff. We also have many years of experience in effective cooperation with local authorities, which is very important in terms of the location of the Centre and its further development”, Rob Hargrove added.

Mondelēz International defines Poland as its strategic business location. The company has been operating in the country since 25 years. Mondelēz production network in Poland consists of 7 plants where Mondelēz employs nearly 4,600 people. (Mondelez)

Wepa reinvests in Kamiennagóra zone for SMEs
Producer of papier Wepa Piechowice has competed a new investment in the Kamiennagóra Special Zone for SMEs.

Completed in June, a new production line of hygienic paper has just been opened by the company. The project of Wepa Piechowice project is worth €30m. (SSEMP)

Randstad report: economy is boosting, so the optimism of employers
After the record-breaking start of the year, employers are less willing to declare increases of salaries. However, they still plan to hire new employees - reports Randstad in June. The Employers' Plans Survey by Randstad also shows that the optimism of employers towards the economy is growing simultaneously with the improvement of the Polish economy.

The report shows an important change in attitude of companies: the predominance of employers who are optimistic about the prospects of the Polish economy (25%) over those who have forecasted a recession within the next 6 months (14%). Until recently, both groups of respondents were similar. Meanwhile, 49% of respondents expect the situation in the economy will not change. The optimistic approach is even more visual when evaluating the financial condition of own company by responders: 66% perceive it as good or very good.

“For the first time in two years, employers’ economic forecasts are as good as the real news of economic growth. Optimism is also fuelled by: rising employment prospects, good information on anticipated wage movements as well as on gradual increase of new jobs with a contract of employment”, comments PAIH analyst, Agata Mężyńska.

Accordig to the survey, the number of entrepreneurs announcing wage increases is slightly declining to 24%. Most often the increase in salaries is declared by construction companies (31%). However, there is no significant change in the demand for new employees in Polish companies. Employment is declared by 34% of surveyed companies - mostly by big ones (46%). New jobs - as announced by entrepreneurs - will most likely appear in BSS (42%) and construction (41%) sectors, as well as in transport, logistics and communication (39%). In the next six months, 58% of Polish companies will rather not change employment levels, while 5% intend to reduce the number of employees. (Randstad/PAIH)


Qingdao meetings
Between 22-24 June, the city of Qingdao (Shantung province) invites companies for the Chinese and Foreign Technical Cooperation and Procurement Negotiation Meeting.

The meeting will be arranged by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China as well as by CCPIT and the Qingdao City Hall. Under the event, B2B sessions will be held with Chinese companies representing such sectors as: IT, textile, pharmacy, automotive and food.

More information:
malgorzata.zawisza@paih.gov.pl and wojciech.piwowarski@paih.gov.pl.

Poland - Thailand matchmaking session
The economic section of the Polish Embassy in Thailand and PAIH invite all to the matchmaking session with the delegation of the Thai business. The meeting will be held on 13 June, in PAIH (Bagatela 12, Warsaw) and starts at 1:30 pm.

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To join the even, please register using the on-line form on https://goo.gl/forms/uwGQMJSkSxBJjjnG2 or call +22 40 40 340. The registration is open by 9 Junee.

6th China Homelife Show and China Machinex
Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn invites all to join 6th China Homelife Show and China Machinex what will be held between 6-8 June in Nadarzyn, close to Warsaw.

During this year's event, organizers will host 1,200 exhibitors from China. At least 60,000 products from various branches: clothing-textiles, furniture, furnishings, electronics, lighting and construction, will be presented at the show. The China Homelife Show will be accompanied by the China Machinex, where Chinese companies will present new  solutions in the machinery, energy and tools industries. For companies from Poland and China a match-making zone will be arranged with free helpdesk translators.

More information: www.chinahomelife.com.pl

Tajwan Trade Mission in Kraków. Join the meeting
Taiwan Trade Centre Warsaw (TAITRA) together with Industrial and Trade Chamber in Kraków, invite you to take part in the trade meetings with the group of 26 companies from Taiwan who will look for new business partners in Poland.

Taiwan is famous from innovations and good quality of highly engineered products. Companies operating in Poland what will join the meeting will be provided with information about business opportunities in Taiwan. The delegation of Taiwan business will be represented by sectors as: machinery, textiles, tools, gifts, electronics, chemistry, IT and automotive.

More information about the delegation is available on http://mission.taiwantrade.com.tw/East Europe („Taiwan Exhibitors” chapter),

The meeting will take place in Qubus Hotel (Kraków) on 13 June and starts at 9:00 am. The access to the meeting is free of charge.

To attend to the meeting, please contact: Dorota Kuziów (dorota@ttcw.it.pl), 22 370 52 10. (TTCW)

AutoEvent 2017
Join this year’s AutoEvent to take part in the largest conference of the automotive sector in Poland and CEE. The event has been arranged since 2005, by the Polish Chamber of the Automotive Industry.

The two-day conference attracts an average of 250 participants from sectors such as car manufacturing, parts and components, materials and prefabricated elements, machinery, equipment and tools, robotics and automation, logistics, software for industrial applications and business financing.

The AutoEvent 2017 will be held between 20-22 June in OSSA Congress & SPA in Rawa Mazowiecka, in Poland. More information: www.autoevent.pl

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