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The voivodship of Lublin, is a region that’s famous for its hospitality. For centuries it has linked the religious and cultural traditions of many nationalities. It’s located in Eastern Poland, connecting Central to Eastern Europe. Its location adjacent to the Ukraine and Belarus provides it with an additional potential for growth.

The Lublin region is renowned for its ecological food production. Due to the factors of favourable climate and fertile soil, the traditional family based farms and also due to the region’s clean environment, the voivodship has become very important in the production of organic foods. The Lublin region is renowned for its orchards and its soft fruits such as raspberries, blackcurrants and strawberries. Another advantage of the voivodship is the broad and continually expanding variety of agro-tourist offers, which are prepared for guests interested in staying on farms, becoming accustomed with regional traditions and foods. Riding enthusiasts, cyclists and hikers will find thousands of kilometers of tourist trails throughout the many national parks.

The Lublin voivodship is a dynamically developing agricultural region, specializing in orchards, and also a region where traditional healthy food is produced and it’s an encouraging place for rest and recreation.

Investment opportunities

  • Located on an international transport route – the East-West trans-European corridor, adjacent to the Belarus and Ukrainian markets,
  • Great potential in education, including R&D facilities in the higher education institutes,
  • Large reserves of cheap labour,
  • Good conditions for the development of agriculture, the food industry, the mechanical industry, timber, Offshoring services and tourism,
  • Trans-border institutional cooperation under the framework of the Euro-region along the river Bug.


There is access to qualified personnel, relatively low labour costs, the necessary education network – 19 higher education bodies, which has resulted in firms from the BPO (Call Center) sector locating in the region ever more frequently.


The voivodship has favourable location and communication factors: border crossings within its area (3 border crossings with Belarus and 4 with the Ukraine), the most modern check point in Poland for sanitary and veterinary matters at Koroszczyn and a voivodship road transport network that is connected to the European transport corridor and has meant that increasingly logistical investments are being placed in the region.

The mechanical industry

The voivodship has a historical link to the mechanical industry (manufacture of passenger cars and trucks). The investment opportunities in this sector will increase the potential number of firms for cooperation and sub-contracting work and will also be greater due to the existing companies in the sector, suppliers and service providers.

The research and development environment and the well trained workforce are very important factors for potential investors. The tax exemptions and investment sweeteners that are provided by the region’s local government and development agencies, have also served to raise the region’s attractiveness for investors.

Food processing

The voivodship has positive natural qualities related to the agricultural sector and the food industry. There are also very favourable conditions here for the production of bio-fuel and for the generation of energy from bio-mass. There is a strong and well organised agricultural market in the region. The region is a giant in the cultivation of plants, fruit and vegetables.

The centuries old agricultural traditions and the strong support in R&D in the sphere of farming, bee-keeping and the food industry means that a potential investor won’t have a problem finding qualified workers.

Two factors: the large number of enterprises in the food sector and the extensive food processing activities, means that a potential investor should find the appropriate location for their investment within this region.

Another crucial factor for this sector is the support available from the local authorities in the region for modern and innovative agricultural techniques.


There are numerous historical sights, natural parks and environmentally protected areas, which are important for the promotion of eco- and agro-tourism. The natural environment in the region, with its predisposition for recreation and its health spas and its equestrian stables that are famed across Europe, means that the Lublin voivodship is not only popular with tourists, but also for investors in the field of tourism.

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