July 21st, 2017, Issue 547


Polish exporters supported by PAIH gain contracts in Hungary
With the support of the PAIH new office in Budapest, Polish companies Pezal, D±bex and Cruz Group gained business partners in Hungary. Poland is the third largest exporter to the Hungarian market.

"Polish companies perceive Hungary as a prospective market. Our products are recognised there and associated with good quality," says Marcin Karaskiewicz, head of PAIH Foreign Trade Office in Budapest that has been operating there since April, 2017. In his opinion, the interest in this direction of foreign expansion is so great that the Polish business compete there not only with Hungarian companies or those from other countries, but also with Polish counterparts.

As a result, in 2016 Poland jumped onto the third place of a list of the top exporters to the Hungarian market - just after Austria and Germany. The country also took over China, Slovakia and Czech Republic.


The parquet manufacturer, D±bex and a producer of construction equipment and power generators Pezal Group, would like to benefit from the Polish boom in Hungary. Both companies were invited by the PAIH Office in Budapest to the Construma 2017 trade fair. This was the first event in which this new branch of the agency was involved with. At a venue, PAIH organized a Polish trade stand and arranged B2B session for Polish and Hungarian companies. "We can confirm that we have acquired the customer with whom we made our initial transaction and set up regular deliveries, this year," says Hanna Nowak of D±bex referring to her company’s activity during the Construma 2017.

The PAIH Foreign Trade Office in Budapest has already served over 100 requests from Polish and Hungarian companies. (PAIH)


UFI enters Poland with PAIH
Italian producer of filter solutions, UFI Filters enters Poland creating its Polish branch (UFI Filters Polska) and launching a production plant in Opole. PLN 42-million-worth investment (EUR 10 million) has been supported by PAIH.

In its Polish factory, UFI Filters will produce filter solutions for automotive sector. The new investment will allow UFI Filters to double its production capacity in this market segment and to achieve 18% share of the global oil filtration market.

„Automotive industry is one of the priority sectors for the Polish economy and takes a leading position in the PAIH investment portfolio”, comments Krzysztof Senger, PAIH Executive Vice President.

Currently, the Agency supports 38 automotive FDI that are worth a total of EUR 2.4m. „It's over 15,000 new jobs that are planned due to new investments” Senger adds.

Project of the UFI Filters' new plant in Opole

Since the beginning of the year, PAIH has already completed work on 13 automotive investments that are worth EUR 273m in total. They represent over 30% of all projects successfully completed by the Agency, this year.

Dr. Schneider with the next reinvestment in Radomierz
The manufacturer of plastic components for automotive industry, Dr. Schneider is expanding its production site in Radomierz (Kamienna Góra SEZ). The project is worth PLN 10m.

This is the 4th  business permit for Dr. Schneider issued by Kamienna Góra Specjal Economic Zone for Small and Medium Enterprises. Under the investment, the company is planning to increase the size of the factory as well as to  hire 200 new people.

Dr. Schneider has been present in Janowice Wielkie Subzone of Kamienna Góra SEZ since 2006. It is one of the biggest employers in the region. Except the production, the company has established R&D activity there and is involved with the intense cooperation with local science centres. (KSSEMP)


Thailand - the gate to Asia
PAIH and Thailand Board of Investment have a pleasure to invite you to the Thailand Economic Forum that will be arranged on 26 July, at 14:00 in the PAIH headquarters (Bagatela 12).

The meeting will be focused on the presentation of investment potential of Thailand. 

Participation in the seminar is free of charge. To join the meeting, please contact:


V European Labour Mobility Congress
European Labour Mobility Congress is the largest conference in Europe dedicated to the posting of workers within the freedom to provide service. The event will be held on 22-23 November in the Congress Centre ICE Krakow.
This year's edition is co-organized by the Polish Ministry of Economic Development. Opening speech will be addressed by the Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Traditionally, organizers have invited Marianne Thyssen, EU Commissioner responsible for revision of the Directive on the posting of workers.

The congress is an excellent opportunity to learn about the rules concerning the posting of workers in particular EU Member States. Among the speakers there are renown political decision makers and public administration representatives. There is also a space in the agenda for workers’ and employers’ representations, experts, scholars and lawyers specialized in the field of service provision in the EU.

Programme also includes workshops led by lawyers practicing labour law and social insurance in countries to which workers are commonly posted (eg. Germany, France, Belgium).

Contact person:
Magdalena Zg³obica,
tel. +48 799 704 139


Foreign expansion is necessary when developing the Polish FinTech sector
Poland is the largest FinTech center in Central and Eastern Europe. According to Deloitte Poland, the value of this segment of Polish economy is  about EUR 860m. In its latest report, Deloitte shows that for 72% of startups in Poland, the main source of funding is the founders' money. Meanwhile, the share of venture capital in the investment in finance and technology companies accounts for about 70%, globally.

“The Polish financial sector is very innovative compared to many other branches of Polish economy. Some of the biggest Polish banks in fact can be called FinTechs as their high- tech solutions are already licensed abroad”, says Artur Martyniuk, of Deloitte.

According to Deloitte experts, foreign expansion is a prerequisite for gaining new custommers for Polish fin-tech companies. However, Polish financial institutions have been limited to international markets. This slows down the process of scaling on the Polish and international markets. The experts also argue that FinTechy and financial institutions are a perfect match: FinTechy companies deliver technology while  institutions can deliver customers. In addition, a large proportion of financial companies are dominated by foreign investors, so strategic decisions are made abroad. (Deloitte)


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