December 17th, 2009,
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Changes in the date of the conference “PAIiIZ in 2009”

Dear Readers,
For reasons beyond our control we are forced to move the conference "PAIiIZ in 2009", scheduled for Friday December 18th, 2009, at the beginning of next year.

You will find information about the new date of the conference in PAIiIZ Newsletter and on the Agency’s website. Thank you very much for your interest in the event. (PAIiIZ)

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Largest 2009 investments rewarded

In 2009 the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency positively closed 29 investment projects which were jointly worth EUR 767.9 mln. The projects will generate over 8,150 new jobs. PAIiIZ rewarded three investors which executed the biggest projects in three categories: the biggest investment, investment which created the biggest number of jobs and the most important investment in the field of new technologies.

The award for the Investment of the Year for 2009, for the biggest investment was awarded to Cargotec Poland. On a 41ha plot situated within the Stargad Szczeciński Industrial Park the company will construct a reloading machines assembly room. The project is worth EUR 64.4 million. The company's facility will mainly produce forklifts, cranes, gantry carts and tractors. By the year 2013 the investor intends to create at least 400 permanent jobs - 340 workers (electrical and mechanical fitters, foremen and employees of stores and paint shop) and 60 for managers. The company is the technology leader in the production of the equipment and its research and development department focuses on developing innovative and environment-friendly solutions.

From the left: Marek Ziółkowski - Deputy Marschal of the Senat, Barbara Kudrycka - Minister of Science and Higher Education, Tomasz Biliński - Site Manager Cargotec Poland, Jolanta Jaworska - IBM Polska, Dietmar Hermann - Vice President Operations Woodward GmbH, Dominik Kania - Managing Director Woodward Governor Poland
and Sławomir Majman - PAIiIZ President

Award for the Investment of the Year for 2009 for the company which created the largest number of workplaces went to IBM Polska. IBM plans to generate 2,000 jobs for professionals in its Wrocław-based facility in accordance with the grant application. The process of recruitment will continue until 2013. Specialists will provide services, administer servers, databases, networks and applications for IBM customers who have their headquarters in Europe. IBM Poland employs Project Managers, IT Professionals and System Administrators. The new centre joins IBM's global network of centres providing IT services. These centres monitor, maintain and support IT infrastructure and manage IT services for thousands of IBM clients around the world. The centre is expected to start operating in spring 2010.

This year’s award for the Investment of the Year for 2009 in modern technologies was granted to Woodward Governor Poland. The company forms part of the American corporation Woodward Governor Company headquartered in Fort Collins (Colorado) in the USA. The investor’s primary business activities are the design, manufacture and service of control and monitoring devices for the aviation industry, industrial engines, turbines and electricity generators. The company’s investment located in Niepołomice near Cracow is worth around PLN 35 mln. The facility will accommodate offices for engineers and supporting departments as well as a production floor. Both design and production projects developed in the facility will be technologically advanced and will mainly concern electronics and mechanics. (PAIiIZ)

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Agreement between ANR and PAIiIZ

In order to support activities aimed at increasing foreign direct investment inflow to Poland and consolidate the active co-operation developed between the institutions so far, the Agricultural Property Agency and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency signed on December 14th a co-operation agreement.

The co-operation will primarily be based on active information exchange concerning investment opportunities connected with the areas owned by ANR and PAIiIZ and on joint promotion of investment areas during international trade fairs and investment missions.

Co-operation between PAIiIZ and ANR will also intensify works on the creation of the National Investment Property Database (KZNI). The idea behind KZNI is to collect large, conveniently located investment areas which can quickly be transferred and used in the realisation of a specific investment project.

The KZNI will gather large areas (from 50 ha and more) located across Poland which can be used for industrial investments. The land will mainly come from the Agricultural Property Agency, the Military Property Agency and the local government units.

From the left: Bożena Czaja - Member of the PAIiIZ Board, Sławomir Majman - PAIiIZ President,
Tomasz Nawrocki PhD - ANR President and Sławomir Pietrzak - ANR Deputy President

Plots included in the KZNI meet the basic criterion i.e. have an attractive location - they are situated close to major transportation routes (main roads, railway hubs, international airports) and close to major urban centres, providing access to skilled workers and research facilities, with the assumption they should not be encumbered by claims of former owners of multi-annual leases contracts.

The Agricultural Property Agency (ANR) is an institution that in addition to agricultural land has the largest and most attractive package of investment land in Poland. ANR has around 96,000ha of land, including approximately 66, 000 ha within the administrative city borders.

Among investors who already made use of the land offered by the Agency there are corporations such as General Motors, Opel, Sharp, LG, Toyota, Michelin, Electrolux, Isuzu, Viessmann and IKEA. Each of these investments has contributed significantly to the improvement of the labour market and living conditions of the inhabitants of a given region. (PAIiIZ, ANR)

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Marketing strategy for the economic promotion of Eastern Poland

Results of the analysis of the economic potential of Eastern Poland, presentation of the marketing communication strategy and proposals of tasks which are to be realized in 2010 were the main topics of the meeting of the working group for the project "Economic promotion of Eastern Poland", which took place on  December 7th, 2009 in Warsaw.

Dorota Bienias, a representative of the Department of Regional Development in the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency presented the results of the analysis of the economic potential of the region and presented the Marketing Communication Strategy within the Program "Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland".

Monika G±siorowska from the Bureau for the Implementation of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme (PPGPW) in PAIiIZ discussed promotion plans for 2010. Actions planned for the next year include press conferences, thematic panels on PPGPW and investment promotion stands presenting opportunities to invest in Eastern Poland during investment fairs in Poland and abroad. Moreover, next year should see a special Internet site devoted to issues connected with the programme and general economic topics of the region created.

The meeting was organized by the Unit for Infrastructure of Modern Economy at the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the five regions covered by the Programme. The Programme of Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland is the first project which includes all the regions situated in the macroregion and aims at a cohesive presentation of its economic potential thus increasing the interest of investors in business opportunities of this part of Poland.The project will be implemented in the years 2009-2015 by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency. (MRR)

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PAIiIZ competition: The best Master thesis, regarding the promotion of the Polish economy

Ends the 3rd edition of the Competition for The best Master thesis, regarding the promotion of the Polish economy “Now Poland Promotion”. Award ceremony took place on December 7th in the Belvedere Palace in Warsaw.

The ceremony was attended by Mr Paweł Wojciechowski - Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responsible for the promotion of Poland in the world and Adam Szejnfeld - Sejm Deputy, for many years engaged in the promotion of Polish economy abroad.

This year 40 works were submitted in the competition. Commission reviewed 18 works which met regulations set in the Rules of Competition. The Council decided to award the three best works, to grant three special prizes and special prizes on behalf of the Minister of Economy, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister for Sport and Tourism and the Polish National Bank.

Authors of the best master theses received attractive prizes, the main prize was PLN 13 thousand.

The theme of the competition is widely understood promotion of Poland, including the country's image abroad, business promotion, exports and investment, tourism and promotion of regional products, culture and sport.

Laureates of the contest

Competition "NOW POLAND PROMOTION" has become in recent years one of the most prestigious competitions. The main organizer of the project is the Foundation for Polish Promotional Emblem "Now Poland". Co-organizer of the event is the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, the Polish Tourist Organization and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The honorary patrons of the project were appointed: President of Poland, Minister of Economy, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister for Sport and Tourism, Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Polish National Bank. Among the many partners there are the largest universities in Warsaw: Warsaw University, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw Agricultural University and the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw Stock Exchange and Deutsche Bank - PBC. Media sponsor is TVP Info.

The contest is part of the program "Polish Success - Achievements and Prospects", conducted by the Foundation for Polish Promotional Emblem.


I Prize: Aleksandra Puchta
Thesis title: Role of the Internet in shaping the image of international players
Name of University: Warsaw University
Supervisor: Agnieszka Bógdał-Brzezinska PhD

II Prize: Ilona Ewelina Kargul
Thesis title: Analysis of investment climate for foreign investment in communities in the subregion in Poznan
Name of University: School of Agriculture in Warsaw
Supervisor: Arkadiusz Gralak PhD

III Prize: Agata Kruszka
Thesis title: Analysis of marketing activities in Warsaw, compared to other European cities.
Name of University: Warsaw School of Economics
Supervisor: Teresa Taranko PhD

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The 5th annual Forum for Outsourcing - "Poland as European knowledge process outsourcing center"

Roadshow Poland in co-operation with Ernst & Youn, Forbes and with the support of PAIiIZ and KIG are pleased to invite you to the 5th edition of the "Annual Outsourcing Forum - Poland as European Knowledge Process Outsourcing Center", to be held on January 19th, 2010 at the Hyatt Hotel in Warsaw.

The major issues discussed during the fifth edition of the forum will be: Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Outsourcing of State Functions, barriers to the development BPO from the perspective of corporations, Poland in the BPO sector in 3 years time and barriers to the development of BPO in Poland from the perspective of self-government, a higher education facility and the BPO industry. The discussion will be attended by special guests, including Waldemar Pawlak, Andrzej Olechowski, Jim Costello (President of the Irish company - Southwestern), Anupam Prakash (from Hewitt Associates in India), the PAIiIZ President Slawomir Majman, as well as many representatives of international corporations engaged in different kinds of outsourcing activities.

The aim of the Forum is to promote Poland as a modern center of business services and presentation  of the latest trends in outsourcing market in Poland and abroad. A special research on the state of the outsourcing market in Poland will be conducted by with E&Y, Cushman&Wakefield, Forbes and PAIiIZ. The survey will be run in cities, corporations, firms and companies interested in outsourcing. Results of the survey will be presented during the Forum and will be published in Forbes six weeks after the end of the Forum.

Media partners of the event: Forbes, Polsat, Newsweek, Polish Market, Outsourcing Magazine, Warsaw Business Journal, Gazeta Bankowa, Gazeta Finansowa, Bank, Kurier Finansowy, Go Warsaw, Biznespolska, Money.pl, Bankier.pl, cig.pl, outsourcing.edu.pl, PMR Publications.

Organizers Roadshow Poland and Forbes invite managerial staff to participate in the Forum.

All additional information can be found on the following pages:

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National Bank of Poland: FDI inflow

According to the National Bank of Poland the estimated FDI inflow to Poland as of the end of October reached over EUR 6 bn what accounts for 68% of the figure for the same period last year.

Only in October the value of FDI equalled EUR 1.2 bn. This was caused by reinvested profits worth EUR 717 million, investment in capital of the Polish companies, direct investors and EUR 94 million in inter-corporation credits. (NBP)

Revenues from privatization as of mid-November 2009

Treasury Minister Aleksander Grad said that by mid-November this year, revenues from privatization totaled PLN 6 billion.

By comparison, revenues from privatization in previous years were respectively: PLN 621 million in 2006, PLN 1.947 million in 2007 and PLN 2.371 million in 2008. (MSP)

Crisis in tourism

According to preliminary estimates of the Institute of Tourism, the three first quarters of 2009 saw approximately 29.5 million trips made by Poles abroad.

This is about 25% less than in the three fisrt quarters of 2008. In the same period, Poland was visited by 40 billion foreigners i.e. 13% less than a year ago (9 million for tourtic purposes). (Institute of Tourism)

  • Exchange rates (as of 17.12.2009):









Source: www.nbp.pl

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Seminar: Co-operation between the Special Economic Zones and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency

On December 10th the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency organised a seminar devoted to the co-operation with Special Economic Zones.

Sławomir Majman, PAIiIZ President emphasised that Poland managed the crisis, among other things, thanks to measures taken by the Government but also thanks to enterprises which acted without panic. Also Polish consumers did not get frightened by the crisis and effectively supported the market increasing the demand. The President summed up investments supported by PAIiIZ in 2009. The Agency closed 29 investment projects and further 18 has been waiting for decisions concerning granting of public aid.

Deputy Minister Rafał Baniak stressed that despite the economic slowdown interest in the Special Economic Zones continued and in this respect Poland fares much better than other EU countries. This year we issued 40 permissions to run economic activity in the special economic zones. We estimate the investment were jointly worth around PLN 830 mln and should allow over 2,000 workplaces to be created.

The Ministry announced further facilitations for investors and entrepreneurs active in the zones e.g. new regulations will make it possible to take over land currently owned by the Agricultural Property Agency (ANR). Moreover, deferment of planning payment and free transfer of land which has not been covered by local spatial development plan. Entrepreneurs will also be able to lease the Agency’s land without a tender.

During the meeting which has been organised every year, PAIiIZ and management of the special economic zones discuss issued connected with co-operation. (PAIiIZ/MG)

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Report: Contribution of science and higher education to the creation of added value in Poland

The conference "Contribution of higher education, science and the creation of added value in Poland" was held at the headquarters of the National Chamber of Commerce. It was organised in the frame of "Enterprising University. A program to promote the practical utility of research universities to the economy and society and the value added generated by the universities."

The project "Enterprising University" (co-sponsored by the European Union under the European Social Fund), was carried out by the Foundation "Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy" National Chamber of Commerce and the National Cultural Foundation for Enterprise in Gdynia. The program aims to increase the value of research and development for the economy and society. During the conference participants saw results of the expectations of entrepreneurs and researchers in the field of co-operation between the two environments. Over half (56%) of the surveyed companies acknowledged that they do not co-operate with research institutions. Close co-operation was declared only by 10% of respondents. Over 60% of the polled researchers admitted that they sometimes meet with the proposals of co-operation from the companies. By contrast, almost 50% of the surveyed companies said they had never met with the proposed co-operation from universities.

Presented results show that the lack of collaboration between business and science is often a consequence of lack of knowledge of the business community about ongoing research and development projects and the benefits they can create. Entrepreneurs admitted that their level of knowledge about the offers of co-operation led to the business by the scientific establishment is very small (36%) or none (34%). Interestingly, just over 6% of large companies admitted that their knowledge is high, and 1.5% of SMEs that even very big. In this context, it can be concluded that it is the effectiveness of scientific institutions to reach decision-makers in companies that pplays a key role in the co-operation establishment process.

The report "The conditions for effective cooperation between science and industry, with the other business expectations survey results and researchers” is available at www.iped.pl and www.przedsiebiorczy-uniwersytet.pl. (www.iped.pl)

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