Supporting business in Poland

  • Data:
    22 czerwca 2022
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    wydarzenie online
During the webinar the European Investment Bank (EIB) will present their bank’s product offer, referring to the example of the support it has given to the e-mobility sector throughout the whole supply chain for electric vehicles.

Battery production is a fast advancing industry and the trend towards the electrification of the automotive industry is gaining ground. The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted Europe’s vulnerability to interruptions in the supply of critical materials and technologies. As the green energy transition accelerates, creating a full value chain of electric vehicle battery production industry is vital to protect Europe’s competitive position in the world economy.

During the years 2010-2019, EIB signed financing agreements in support of the battery industry in Europe of close to EUR 240m. In 2020 alone, the EIB signed close to a value of EUR 1bn.

The Bank will also present its partnership with the European Commission which allowed to put in place instruments like InnovFin - Energy Demonstration Programme and InvestEU.

The event will finish with a short summary of challenges. The war in Ukraine is a second shock, coming hot on the heels of the pandemic. Poland weathered the pandemic well, with a fairly swift economic recovery. Nonetheless, the impact on companies was sizable; it had an impact on sales and revenue, which in turn affected their investment strategies. We will discuss the key structural investment challenges.

 The webinar will be presented by:

  • Monika Grzelak, Deputy Director, Centre for Strategic Investments, PAIH,
  • Björn Domke, Head of Corporate Lending Austria, Baltics, Germany & Poland, the European Investment Bank,
  • Daniel Kapitański, Loan Officer, Corporate Lending Austria, Baltics, Germany & Poland, the European Investment Bank.

The webinar will be held online in English.