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Privatisation Plan for the Years 2008-2011

The Privatisation Plan aims to expedite the privatisation process in Poland. “Privatisation Plan for 2008-2011” prepared by the Ministry of Treasury headed by Minister Aleksander Grad and approved by the Council of Ministers in April 2008 provides for the privatisation of 802 companies.

The public sector in Poland represents more than 20% of the economy and offers a variety of privatisation opportunities. In some areas of the economy, such as industrial processing, construction and trade, the share of private companies excceeds 95%, similar to the developed Western Europen countries. There are also important sectors in which the state still dominates, such as power (85%), transport (65%), mining (52%) and chemicals (30%).

The ambition of the government is to considerably speed up the privatisation process. To this end, the Polish Ministry of Treasury has been implementing its „ Privatisation Plan for the Years 2008-2011” adopted in April 2008.

The plan envisages conversion of over 800 state-owned companies from a number of sectors into private firms. The major industries include power industry, chemical industry and financial institutions. In August 2009, the list of key comanies intended for sale in the years 2009-2010 was also determined.

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