Why Poland


Total area of the voivodeship

12 333 km2

- in urban areas

4472.7 thous.

Population density

366 persons/km2

Voivodeship capital


Other big towns in the voivodeship

Częstochowa, Sosnowiec, Gliwice, Zabrze, Bielsko-Biała, Bytom, Ruda Śląska, Rybnik, Tychy

Special Economic Zones

Euro-Park Mielec

Industrial & Technology Parks

Bielski Technology Park of Aviation-innovation, cooperation and development
Park Przemysłowo-Technologiczny w Bielsku-Białej
Bytom Industrial Park
Częstochowski Industrial Park
Górnośląski Industrial Park
Jaworznicki Industrial-Technology Park
"Stara Huta" Industrial Park
"Euro Centrum" Science and Technology Park
"Euro Centrum" Industrial Park
"Technopark" Science-Technology Park in Gliwice
EkoPark Industrial and Technology Park
“Revita Park” Industrial-Technology Park
Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park
Śląsk Industrial and Technology Park
Żory Industrial Park

Rydułtowski Park Przedsiębiorczości
Śląski Park Technologii Medycznych Kardio-Med Silesia
Zawierciański Park Przemysłowo-Technologiczny
Park Przemysłowo-Technologiczny Porcelana Śląska
Park Nowoczesnych Technologii IT Loft Park
K1 Industrial Park
Park Technologiczny EkoEnergia-Woda-Bezpieczeństwo
Park Przemysłowo-Technologiczny EkoEnergia-Efektywność

Regional Investor and Exporter Assistance Centre


International airport


The Śląskie Voivodeship is situated in the southern part of Poland, bordering the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. Silesia is a unique region that attracts with its industrial history and good business climate as well as geographic, cultural and social diversity. The Śląskie Voivodeship is a key economic center in Poland with a very strong export position compared to other voivodships. In 2019, almost every eighth zloty from the sale abroad of Polish products and services was income of companies registered in this region. The Śląskie Voivodeship is heading towards building a new economy based on modern and environmentally friendly technologies. Apart from the Mazowieckie and Dolnośląskie Voivodeships, the Śląskie Voivodeship is classified as one of the regions with the highest investment attractiveness and the lowest investment risk. Despite its industrial nature, agricultural land covers more than half of the area and over 22% of the population lives in rural areas.

Advantages of the voivodeship

  • the most industrialized and urbanized region in Poland;
  • huge potential and market absorption - over 4.5 million people;
  • developed road and rail transport and communication infrastructure;
  • Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice, providing domestic and international transport;
  • diversity of the investment offer: industry, services, development and modernization of infrastructure, tourism and recreation, agriculture;
  • the region in the forefront in the country in terms of the number of large investors located there;
  • strong, diverse scientific and research facilities (over 30 universities, numerous research and development institutions, almost 113 thousand students);
  • active cross-border cooperation with the Czech Republic and Slovakia;
  • favorable communication infrastructure: the intersection of two main communication routes - A1 and A4 motorways, rail transport - the so-called Hutnicza Szerokotorowa (LHS), close to the border between the Czech Republic and Slovakia;
  • investment incentives for investors: Katowice Special Economic Zone (offering income tax relief, land ready for investment).

High possibility sectors

  • Automotive
  • Logistic
  • Smart specializations of the region:
    • Energy
    • Medicine
    • Information technology
    • Green economy
    • Emerging industries

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