Why Poland


Total area of the voivodeship

25,122 km2

- in urban areas

2,139.7 thous.

Population density

85 persons/km2

Voivodeship capital


Other big towns in the voivodeship

Chełm, Zamość, Biała Podlaska, Puławy, Świdnik

Special Economic Zones


Industrial & Technology Parks

Lubelski Park Science and Technology 
Puławy Industrial Park
Regional Industrial Park Świdnik
Południowo-Wschodni Park Naukowo-Technologiczny w Zamościu

Regional Investor Assistance Centre


Lubelskie voivodeship is situated in east-central Poland. It is a primarily agricultural region known for its cultivation of, amongst other things, hops, raspberries and tobacco. It is also a prominent academic centre with impressive scientific-research facilities especially in the natural and medical sciences. It also has an industrial tradition in the industrial machine and motor sectors. The voivodeship is bent on the development of innovative branches of the economy on the basis of its existing research potential. With a view to the quality of the natural environment, investments connected with ecological products are being pursued in the agro-food industry. The region’s natural resources as well as the scientific research being conducted at its institutions of higher learning have led to the development of Renewable Energy Sources. The region’s young, well-educated professionals constitute a great potential for the development of its Business Process Outsourcing sector.

Investment opportunities

  • location on international communication routes - European transport corridors
  • proximity of eastern markets - neighbouring Belarus and Ukraine
  • educational and science-research potential
  • good conditions for the development of the agricultural and food industries, BPO and tourism
  • low labour costs: 87.9% average
  • institutional cross-border cooperation within the Bug River Euroregion

Sectors with huge potential

  • Food industry
  • Energy sector
  • Machinery industry
  • Logistic sector
  • BPO
  • Tourism

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