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Lower Silesian Technology Park „T-Park”

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Lower Silesian Technology Park - T-Park - is an attractive area for business operations and investment projects based on advanced technologies. The site complies with the standards adopted in other European Union countries. Its main features are: convenient location, modern infrastructure, and professional background services, including financial support systems.

The most important objective of the Lower Silesian Technology Park T-Park consists in the creation of favourable  conditions for the establishment and development of companies, whose main area of operations will be the commercialization of scientific achievements, the use of advanced technologies, adaptation of the outcome of laboratory work, and the attraction of venture capital.


Lower Silesian Technology Park T-Park lies in the south-western part of Lower Silesia in Wałbrzych agglomeration which has area of more than 5,750 km2 and has a population of more than 845,000. Its main metropolitan area is the city of Wałbrzych, the second urban agglomeration in Lower Silesia after Wrocław and the third city in terms of area (after Wrocław and Jelenia Góra). The of commune of Wałbrzych is 85 km2, with more than 126,000 inhabitants. The city is located at a favourable meeting point: only 65 km to Wrocław, 200 km to Prague, 420 km to Warsaw, 390 km to Vienna, and 335 km to Berlin. Key communications junctions, such as crossings with the A4 motorway and the future S3 expressway, are situated 30 km and 15 km from the city, respectively. Only 20 km separates Wałbrzych from the Czech border; to enter Germany, you only need to go 130 km. Five big towns – Wrocław, Legnica, Jelenia Góra, Kłodzko, and Świdnica – surround Wałbrzych, within a 70 km radius.

Targets of T-Park

Offering investment grounds with good, technical backup facilities to investors, facilitating implementation of investment projects, acquisition of financial support and public assistance, support in launching and implementation of innovative business ventures, creation of new undertakings, using advanced technologies with the contribution of regional research and  development centers; the provision of professional and competitive backup and support services, active support of work promoting companies that operate in the T-Park.

The Lower Silesian Technology Park T-Park offers  a comprehensive package of business opportunities.

For Business Process Offshoring (BPO) investors, DARR S.A. offers support in: Investment proces; Feasibility studies; Cooperation with local administration; Local labor market analysis; Recruitment suport; Commercialisation of office space; Promotion of business in Poland and abroad; Training services for Staff; Localisation of investment on technology park greenfields.


Dolnośląska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A.
Lower Silesian Development Agency
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