Why Poland

Poland boasts a stable economy, with a well-established macroeconomic position. These unique conditions for starting and running a business are further supported by repeatedly proven resistance to economic crises.

PAIH's experienced, business-oriented team provides a wide range of services that will help potential investors become familiar with the investment climate in Poland. We specialize in location consulting, public assistance and contacts with public administration, industry organizations and companies.

Economic stability and a healthy economy

  • Poland is a great choice for your investment due to its sound state of public finance and the opportunity for long-term investment planning, thanks to the country’s economic stability and predictability. Poland was the only country in Europe to evade the financial crisis, and in terms of debt-to-GDP ratio, Poland’s public finances remain in a much better state than the EU’s average.
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Investment potential

  • In 2021 the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) offered support to almost 96 foreign investment projects. The total value of these reached close to 3.5 bln euros by the end of the year. Nearly half of them related to the BSS sector. – Source  PAIH NEWS
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Strategic location in the heart of Europe

  • An abundance of business opportunities, in part, thanks to the rapid modernisation of infrastructure that is taking place on a scale unmatched by the rest of Europe - including road and rail transportation as well as energy infrastructure.
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Human capital and country statistics

  • Poland’s greatest asset are its citizens, especially their ambitious nature, eagerness to learn, great work ethics, loyalty and entrepreneurial spirit.
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An innovative country with an immense capacity for growth

  • The Polish business environment supports start-ups and entrepreneurs, as well as aids the development of R&D activities.
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Expertise across a variety of sectors 

  • Poland offers a diverse range of enterprises in the manufacturing, service and agricultural sectors. Finding a partner in sectors such as, for example the, automotive, aviation, IT, food processing, electronics or finance is hardly a problem. Furthermore, the flexibility of Polish entrepreneurs and their readiness to meet even the most rigorous quality and industry standards proves another significant advantage.
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