Investment incentives

Industrial and Technology Parks

Industrial and technology parks are places which, due to a concentrations of firms from one sector and supporting science and research facilities, are enabled to develop quickly. This is a pro-development model that is increasingly being implemented in our country. The facilities being offered, are applicable both to Polish and foreign businesses.  »

Though there are many common factors in the industrial and technology parks (missions, goals, forms of operating, organisation, etc.), it’s a very diversified segment. Each of the parks has its own individual character, stemming from regional social, cultural and economic factors, together with the facilities, materials and human resources available. There is no universal model for the parks, or organisational form for businesses, guaranteeing success. Specific initiatives reflect the differing local environments of: science and business, the economic character and industrial traditions, together with the cultural factors hindering business.

A technology park is a cluster of separate buildings together with a technical infrastructure, created with the aim of attracting an influx of knowledge and technology for scientific bodies and businesses. Entrepreneurs that use new technology are offered services in the form of:

  • consultancy in the formation and development of an enterprise,
  • transfer of technology,
  • transfer of results from scientific research and development work, into technological innovation,
  • creating favourable conditions for businesses.

The Poznań Science & Technology Park is recognised as the first Polish technology park – it was established in May 1995. The Polish Business and Innovation Centres Association, oversees the development of Poland’s technology parks, its headquarters are in Poznań.

A industrial and technology park is by contrast a cluster of separate buildings together with an infrastructure remaining after restructuring, the bankruptcy of an enterprise or of other buildings added to it. These types of parks are formed with the assistance of local authorities and are aimed at providing preferential conditions for businesses, in particular for small and medium sized firms. The goals for industrial and technology parks are, primarily:

  • providing offers of workspace for commercially viable companies that use new technology,
  • attracting investors,
  • creating jobs.

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