Industrial and Technology Parks

Vistula Park




Location: Świecie/Wielki Konopat. The site is located near to the national highways number 1 and number 5.The site is located 13 km from A1 motorway junction Nowe Marzy. The site is located near to universities - Toruń, Bydgoszcz


  • one of the most attractive investment area in the north of Poland
  • co-financing from Phare 2003 fund
  • there are well qualified workers in Świecie Commune
  • the site is owned by Świecie Commune

Infrastructure: internal roads; water supply lines; telecommunication lines; gas supply lines; rain water disposal lines; power supply lines; sewage disposal system; parking area; lighting system; power of the supply lines in Vistula Park I is to: 850 kW; voltage: 230 V (400V +/- 10%).


Świecie City Hall
Department of Economy, Development and Foreign Cooperation
Wojska Polskiego 124
86-100 Świecie
tel.: +48 52 333 23 30/ +48 52 333 23 31

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