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Industrial and Technological Park in Piekary Śląskie


The mission of the Industrial and Technological Park „EkoPark” is creating a centre for the implementation of environmental technologies based on recycling, segregation, processing and storage waste. The main aim for the realization of the project is transforming contaminated grounds into useable areas and the economic development of the region by offering advantageous conditions to start investments and for their realization.


Piekary Śląskie is a town located in south-western Poland, in the Silesian Voivodeship, in the center of the Upper Silesian Industrial Region. The areas covered by the Industrial and Technological Park "EkoPark" project are located in Piekary Śląskie in the vicinity of the border with Bytom and cover an area of 120 ha. These areas are located in a strategic communication point of the Silesian agglomeration. They are located in close proximity to the existing national and provincial road junctions. Along the southern border of the Park runs Harcerska Street, which serves as the international E40 road, national road No. 4 and 94. At a distance of only 3 km from the Park lies the A1 motorway, which is a continuation of the international road E75 starting in northern Norway and leading through Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia to Greece. In addition, the areas covered by the Park are efficiently connected by a network of local roads with the existing A4 motorway, running only about 8 km from the Park, as well as this there is the International Airport in Pyrzowice (distance of about 18 km). On the initiative of the municipal authorities, the local road infrastructure was expanded. There is also the possibility of extending the railway siding, which is an alternative solution to road transport.


The Industrial and Technological Park "EkoPark" offers:

  • immediate availability of sites for investment, especially of construction of modern technology facilities connected with recycling, but also industrial halls, warehouses, sorting areas,
  • wide range of competent advice on investment,
  • favourable conditions for investment due to the adopted and current Plan of Land Use, in its wording taking into account activities related to waste management,
  • support and goodwill of the city authorities to initiate business activity in Piekary Śląskie,
  • the possibility of cooperation with AIG/Orzeł Biały S.A. capital group in,
  • co-organizing and co-financing projects,
  • in the future, a possibility of Entrepreneurship Incubator support, including an extensive database of services for business initiatives: legal services, accounting, design, etc., and sharing office supplies, production and storage space,
  • assistance in the preparation of investment in the field of acquiring EU structural funds,
  • direct access to public roads,
  • creating conditions for the development of a cluster of companies from the waste management sector,
  • assistance in the flow of knowledge and new technologies between scientific bodies and entrepreneurs,
  • access to well-educated manpower from declining heavy industry.


Industrial and Technological Park in Piekary Śląskie
ul. Walentego Roździeńskiego 38
41-946 Piekary Śląskie
tel: +48 32 289 04 84
fax: +48 32 289 04 78

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