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Łomża Industrial Park


The Łomża Industrial Park is a coherent element of series of actions taken by the local municipality authorities. It was established in order to provide a needed space for supporting and developing business initiatives. Also, to increase an economic attractiveness of the city. Łomża Industrial Park is a place created for people with innovative business ideas. The purpose of creating this was to establish an up-to-date Business Support Institution with various functions, such as to support the development of innovative enterprises based on knowledge, skills and activity of the inhabitants of the Łomża’s subregion.


Convenient connections are guaranteed by the national roads DK61 (Warsaw - Augustów), DK64 (Łomża - Bialystok) and DK63 which connects Wegorzewo with a border crossing point with Belarus in Slawatycze. In upcoming years, an express road S61- is to be built as a part of European Union strategy - the first Pan-European Transport Corridor (TEN-T) connecting Warsaw and Helsiniki (in Finland) through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The commute from Łomża to Warsaw Chopin Airport- the biggest airport in Poland, which is located 151km away from Łomża - takes less than two hours. Warsaw Modlin Airport is slightly closer to Łomża, at a distance of 140 km.


The Łomża Industrial Park offers:

  • Lease of open space and services area,
  • Business Incubator,
  • Virtual Office,
  • conference room,
  • business meetings’ places,
  • Call Centre Room,
  • server rental,
  • hosting services,
  • colocation services.


Łomża Industrial Park
ul. Gen. Wł. Sikorskiego 166
18-400 Łomża
tel: +48 86 219 93 00
fax: +48 86 218 37 33

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