Industrial and Technology Parks

Kwidzyn Industry and Technology Park


The Kwidzyn Industrial and Technological Park’s mission is to attract innovative enterprises, develop modern technologies and concentrate the potential of entrepreneurship, knowledge and capital in one place. The Park is also a business incubator with a wide range of business environment institutions, a training and exposition centre and comprehensively developed investment areas intended for greenfield projects.


The park has an exceptionally favourable location. It is located only 1.10 h drive from the Tricity and the seaports of Gdańsk and Gdynia, as well as the international airport. It is well connected to the A1 motorway, which means quick access to southern Poland and markets in Central and Eastern Europe.


  • Business Incubator,
  • Renewable Energy Centre,
  • exhibition and training space,
  • advanced IT facilities - Data Centre,
  • technology space,
  • investment areas,
  • areas for rent.


Kwidzyn Industry and Technology Park
Górki 3A
82-500 Kwidzyn
tel: +48 55 619 31 51
fax: +48 55 619 31 52

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