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Kutno Agro-Industrial Park

Kutno Agro-Industrial Park

The Kutno Agro-Industrial Park (KAIP) is located in the eastern part of the town in the Sklęczki district. It occupies an area of several hundred hectares and houses more than 60 businesses with local and foreign capital within its boundaries. More than 10,000 people are employed here. An area of almost 130 hectares located in Park has the status of a sub zone of the Łódź Special Economic Zone. Curently, as a result of changes in the regulations in 2018, the status of a Special Economic Zone can be granted anywhere in KAIP.


The Kutno Agro-Industrial Park is located near the A1 highway (1.6 km away), National road no. 92 (former no. 2, E-30) and the international railroad E-20. The distance from A2 highway (Stryków) is 35 km. The nearest airport is 60 km away from Kutno (Łódź Airport). The modern Intermodal Container Terminal is situated next to the international railroad E-20.


The diverse offer of land for investments pertains mainly to greenfield areas. It refers to the land owned by the City and that in private hands, the land within the Łódź Special Economic Zone and other land beyond this zone. The Local Spatial Management Plan involves the entire area of the Park. It is designed for industrial objects, warehouses, logistics centres and transportation services in the Study of the Conditions and Directions of the Spatial Management. The maximum rate of built-up intensity throughout the Park is at least 90% and the maximum building height for logistics investments reaches even upto 30 meters.

The Park infrastructure is designed for industrial use and guarantees the supply of all essential media. There are two independent suppliers of electricity giving investors the opportunity to choose. High and medium pressure gas pipelines cross the Park area. The newly constructed infrastructure is adapted to investor's requirements. Over the last few years the City of Kutno has invested more than 40 million PLN. This vast amount of money was used directly on investments in Kutno sub zone of the Łódź Special Economic Zone.

Sector profile: the food industry, packaging, plastics processing, manufacturing of agricultural equipment and pharmaceuticals are the dominant branches in the Kutno Agro-Industrial Park. Because of its central location in Poland and the presence of the container terminal this part of the land was designed for logistics companies..


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