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Eureka Technology Park


Eureka Technology Park (ETP) is a new center for innovative solutions and technologies, located in Poznan agglomeration. The main aim of its efforts is to support knowledge-orientated business and enhance the efficiency of commercialization of scientific research findings. Our agenda is backed by constant cooperation with research and development centers, clusters and business-supporting institutions.


Eureka Technology Park is located in the Poznan agglomeration, 20 km from the center of the capital of Wielkopolska.


Eureka Technology Park offers:

  • technological, strategic, financial, marketing, legal and investment consulting,
  • specialized training and conferences,
  • services: HR and wages, accouncy, health and safety services,
  • 43 office rooms of various sizes with the possibility of combining premises,
  • modern IT infrastructure,
  • hosting and collocation services,
  • Data Center services,
  • design and design studio,
  • 3 conference rooms,
  • catering room.


Eureka Technology Park
Innowatorów 8
62-070 Dopiewo
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