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Podlaski Industrial Park


The Podlaski Industrial Park will be a fully equipped investment area of 5,883 ha with modern technical infrastructure in the middle of the Knyszyńska Puszcza forests. The choice of the location of the Podlaski Industrial Park was dictated by the accessibility of the land for investment, its favourable bearings and many years of industrial traditions.


The Podlaski Industrial Park is located in the middle east part of the Podlaski Voivodship in the Czarna Białostocka Municipality, 22 kilometers from Białystok and 35 kilometers from the border with Belarus. Important communication paths that run through the Czarna Białostocka municipality are:

  • national road no 19 Białystok - Sokółka - Kuźnica Białostocka (35 km from the border with Belarus),
  • national road no 8 Białystok - Suwałki - Ogrodniki (circa 140 km from the border with Lithuania) and
  • the international train track Warsaw - Białystok - Grodno (Belarus) - Vilnius (Lithuania).


As the effect of the Project „Building and opening of the Podlaski Industrial Park” carried out within the Operational Program of the Development of Eastern Poland the investment area for large and medium size investors will be formed. Within the project modern land utility points will be built: electricity, water-sewage management and road communication systems. The Municipality Authorities also developed options for “medium size” or “small” enterprises in the Podlaski Industrial Park.


Podlaski Industrial Park
Czarna Białostocka Municipality Office
Torowa 14A
16-020 Czarna Białostocka
tel: +48 85 713-13-40
fax: +48 85 713-13-49

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