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Bukowice Industrial Park


Bukowice Industrial Park is currently the best private industrial area in Lower Silesia, suitable for the construction and operation of all types of enterprises. We offer industrial land for sale which is ideal for manufacturing, logistics / distribution, services and any other industrial activity. We have over 600,000 square meters (60 ha) of land available, with the possibility of dividing plots to any size according to the investor's requirements.


Our location provides easy access to the A4, A8 motorway and the S5 expressway, and thus a convenient route to Germany, the Czech Republic and the sea ports of Gdansk/Gdynia, making our Industrial Park an excellent location for logistics companies. The proximity to the city of Wroclaw (35km) and Bielany Wroclawskie makes our location ideal for companies cooperating with companies located in the EURO-PARK KOBIERZYCE zone near Wrocław. Our site is located in close proximity to the upcoming INTEL investment (Miękinia commune).

We offer

  • over 60 ha (600,000 m2) of industrial land with a current local development plan
  • possibility to choose the location of the plot and divide it into any size
  • availability of utilities
  • permissible building height: 20 m (there are no restrictions on the height of technical equipment related to the investment, e.g. silos, chimneys, etc.)
  • site building development intensity index: 80%
  • availability of a high-pressure gas pipeline Ø 250
  • proximity to the INTERMODAL railway transshipment terminal (3 km)
  • excellent location - close to city of Wrocław, International Airport (WRO) and the A4 / A8 and S5 motorways (to Germany, the Czech Republic, seaports Gdańsk/Gdynia)
  • access to human resources: within a radius of 50 km more than a million inhabitants / proximity to academic institutions and the University of Wroclaw

We also offer our experience and know-how to companies determined to invest in our Industrial Park. We work with proven architects/designers, supervising inspectors and industrial investment general contractors. We also provide assistance in recruiting qualified staff at all levels for your employment needs.

We work closely with the local Municipality of Brzeg Dolny, which offers assistance in the efficient completion of formalities related to the preparation, operation and management of the investment.

Companies operating in our Park

  • POSCO / PLSC (Korea)
  • SungEel HiTech (Korea)
  • Klöckner Pentaplast (Germany)

Companies that are under construction/investment

  • TYS / TAE YOUNG (Korea)


Bukowice Industrial Park (commune Brzeg Dolny)
Artur Łuczkowiec / tel.: +48 606 241 094
Park location:

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