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Białogard Investment Park Invest-Park


The Białogard Investment Park" Invest Park", the adjacent Technology Incubator, the Investor Service Office and Loan Fund, offer support for entrepreneurs planning to start or develop production in north-western Poland.


The "Invest Park" is located approx. 30 km from Koszalin, at the intersection of important communication routes, near the sea and the ports in Kołobrzeg and Darłowo. Białogard is the largest railway junction in Central Pomerania. Voivodeship road no. 163 Kołobrzeg - Poznań and road no. 166 Białogard - Koszalin run through the town. The national road No. 6 Szczecin - Gdańsk is only 8 km away. It is not far from the express roads S6 and S11. The nearest airports are: Szczecin-Goleniów (95 km), Gdańsk (220 km) and Berlin (309 km).


The Białogard Investment Park "Invest Park" offers:

  • construction land sale,
  • turnkey facility construction,
  • turnkey construction and deferred sales,
  • turnkey facility construction for long-term lease,
  • reduction of manufacturing start-up time,
  • comprehensive investor services,
  • assistance in staff recruitment.


Białogard Investment Park "Invest Park"
58 Kołobrzeska Str.
78-200 Białogard
tel/fax: + 48 94 312 44 49
tel: +48 600 899 138

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