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The Lodz Special Economic Zone covers the Lodzkie Voivodship, the eastern part of the Greater Poland Voivodship and the western part of the Masovia Voivodship. It offers located in the centre of Poland, well communicated, attractive areas for industrial investments and selected services. A wide range of investment plots, tax exemptions and professional advice in the field of public aid for investments make the Lodz SEZ an ideal place for entrepreneurs interested in business development.

We guarantee:

  • high level of public aid (up to 55%),
  • excellent location in the centre of Poland and Europe: the intersection of the A1 (E75 Helsinki-Athens) and A2 (E30 Berlin-Moscow)
    highways, a railway link Lodz-Chengdu (China);
  • attractive investment areas,
  • a professional team that provides comprehensive Investor service,
  • good contacts with local authorities and offices responsible for servicing investors, which speeds up the process of issuing a support decision to operate in the Lodz Special Economic Zone,
  • cooperation with vocational schools and universities in the Lodzkie Region,
  • animating contacts and cooperation between companies and vocational schools (adapting curricula to the requirements and expectations of future employers, promotion of dual education, vocational courses)

Public aid

Investors who want to start a business in the Lodz SEZ may benefit from public aid granted in the form of CIT or PIT exemption. The support decision is issued for 10, 12 or 15 years depending on the location of the investment project.

Public aid is granted due to:

The granting of public aid depends on the fulfilment of two types of criteria:

  • QUANTITY - minimal investment expenditures depending on the location of the investment and the size of the company.
  • QUALITY - evaluation of quality of created jobs.

The level of public aid depends on the size of the enterprise and the location. In the Lodzkie Voivodship it is presented as follows:

Types of activities in the Lodz SEZ

Investment offer

The Lodz Special Economic Zone has a wide investment offer containing class A office space, ideal for BPO and IT operations, as well as greenfield areas for the construction of production plants. The current regulations allow entrepreneurs to start their investment in any area indicated by the investor in the area managed by the Lodz Special Economic Zone.

The area managed by the Lodz Special Economic Zone (counties/poviats/districts):

  • Łódzkie voivodship: Bełchatowski, Brzeziński, Kutnowski, Łaski, Łęczycki, Łowicki, Łódzki wschodni, Opoczyński, Pabianicki, Pajęczański, Piotrkowski, Poddębicki, Radomszczański, Rawski, Sieradzki, Skierniewicki, Tomaszowski, Wieluński, Wieruszowski, Zduńskowolski, Zgierski, cities with district rights: Łódź, Skierniewice, Piotrków Tryb.

  • Wielkopolskie voivodship: Kaliski, Kolski, Koniński, Ostrzeszowski, Turecki, cities with district rights: Kalisz, Konin.

  • Mazowieckie voivodship: Gostyniński, Grodzicki, Legionowski, Otwocki, Piaseczyński, Płocki, Pruszkowski, Sierpecki, Sochaczewski, Warszawski zachodni, Wołomiński, Żyrardowski, cities with district rights: Płock, the capital city of Warsaw.

For more information about our investment areas, please visit our website: mapa.sse.lodz.pl/en

5 Milestones for public aid:

5 Milestones for public aid

Small and medium companies

The Lodz Special Economic Zone is open to small and medium-sized enterprises. They constitute 50% of all companies gathered in the Lodz SEZ. We offer:

  • Investment areas and offices with a small area
    The Lodz Special Economic Zone has plots of land with an area of 0.5 ha located in the Lodzkie Voivodship, Greater Poland Voivodship and Masovia Voivodship. We also offer office space where you can do business in BPO and IT sectors.

  • Business suport
    As part of the support, during the implementation of the investment, employees of the Lodz Special Economic Zone help in contacts with network managers, drawing up applications for the issue of conditions for connection to the network, e.g. gas or electricity. Within the Zone, the Partner Program was created. There are reliable partners in various industries ranging from technical projects, through construction, supervision, equipment and recruitment of employees, as well as other services (financial, advisory, etc.).

  • StrefaRozwoYou
    The Strefa RozwoYou project is implemented by Lodz SEZ as part of the Regional Operational Program of the Lodz Region for the years 2014-2020. We provide support to employees of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as self-employed people from the Lodz region. We subsidize up to 80% of the training budgets of companies, up to PLN 6,000 (including the SME's own contribution) per employee.

Team assistance

Each Investor gets his guardian in the Lodz Special Economic Zone who helps him in the process of issuing a support decision to conduct business in the Lodz Special Economic Zone. We also help entrepreneurs already operating in the Zone.

  • we work closely with local authorities to improve the investment process,
  • we support investors in dealing with media supply companies (gas, energy, etc. suppliers),
  • we organize free trainings for investors,
  • we organize annual meetings integrating Investors,
  • we promote Investors in the media,
  • we provide support in contacts with the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology.

Startup Spark

Startup Spark is an innovative model of supporting startups, whose aim is to combine the potential of beginners, creative entrepreneurs with the infrastructure, experience and resources of large corporations. The model assumes the creation of dedicated project teams that will consist of mentors and representatives of large companies, at which young entrepreneurs can gain experience in implementing products.

Contact details:

Łódzka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna S.A.
(Lodz Special Economic Zone Inc.)
Tymienieckiego 22G Str.
90-349 Łódź

phone: +48 42 676 27 53, +48 42 676 27 54
fax: +48 42 676 27 55

Awards and distinctions

Corporate social responsibility

The Lodz Special Economic Zone Joint Stock Co. is the only such economic zone in Poland whose objective is to revitalise historical industrial areas.

It is also not by accident that CSR is based on the philosophy of Henryk Grohman, one of the greatest Lodz factory owners - German by origin, Polish by choice - and a remarkable patron of the arts and culture. Referring to the codicil of its mentor, the Lodz SEZ focuses on the visual arts, music and socially-oriented activities aimed at strengthening civic attitudes.

For more information, go to: www.sse.lodz.pl/en

(Last update: October 2019)

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