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W這c豉wek Economic Development Area - Industrial and Technological Park

The investment co-financed by the European Union from the resources of the European Regional Development Fund within the Regional Operational Programme for Kujawsko - Pomorskie Voivoidship for the years 2007 - 2013 and from the resources of the city of W這c豉wek.


WSRG - PPT is located in W這c豉wek - in the centre of Poland, Kuyavia - Pomeranian Region, next to Vistula river. Main communication roads are: no. 92 state road, no. 252 state road to Inowroc豉w and A1 motorway - 2 exits: W這c豉wek North (Brzezie) and  W這c豉wek West (Pikutkowo). There is also a railway trail no 18 from Kutno to Toru. W這c豉wek is the third largest city in Kuyavia - Pomeranian Region, situated next to Vistula rirver (distance to: Warsaw - approx. 160 km, 鏚 - approx. 100 km, Toru and  P這ck - approx. 50 km).

The area of WSRG - PPT is owned by the Commune of the City of W這c豉wek. It is situated within industrial part of the City, without housing facilities. The area is covered by the zoning plan (which allows to shorten time of an investment.)

The Area is also situated next to ‘Zak豉dy Azotowe Anwil S.A. Grupa Orlen’ (Anwil Chemical Company, Part of Orlen Group) which is one of the biggest companies in chemical branch. Direct vicinity of such a big company can help to create perfect conditions for development of industrial companies. There is also P.V. Prefabet Kluczbork S.A. company within the direct vicinity of  WSRG - PPT. WIKA Polska Sp. z o.o. SGF sp.k. (producer of control and measuring equipment) has already finished its new investment, placing its next factory in W這c豉wek within the borders of WSRG - PPT. More investors are currently at the stage of designing their investments.

Forms of transfer of ownership

  • tenancy,
  • leasing,
  • sale

WSRG - PPT is an area of 33,4762  hectares, fully developed with infrastructure (electricity, gas, water and sewages system). The area of industrial plots is 26,2156 ha. The Area of  15,3897 hectares is still to be  invested by entrepreneurs. 

WSRG - PPT Investment offer

  • Administrative help provided by W這c豉wek City Hall, Investors’ Assistance Centre
  • Possible tax exemptions:
    • from real estate tax within the frame of de minimis help programme for investors running their business activity within the area of the minicipality of W這c豉wek.
    • from real estate tax within the frame of regional help programme to suport new investments of the entrepreneurs running their business activity within the area of the municipality of W這c豉wek, within the borders of W這c豉wek Industrial West.
    • from income tax - W這c豉wek Economic Develpoment Area - Industrial and Technological Park is included in the area of Pomeranian Special Economic Zone.
  • Attractive offer of business area such as: Kujawskie Por璚zenia Kredytowe Sp. z o.o., Kujawsko - Pomorski Fundusz Por璚ze Kredytowych Sp. z o.o., Kujawsko - Pomorski Fundusz Po篡czkowy Sp. z o.o., W這c豉wski Inkubator Innowacji i Przedsi瑿iorczo軼i, Toru雟ka Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. etc.

Elements of investment attractiveness

  • favourable investment climate (well-developed industrial structure and indstrial traditions, especially chemical and food processing branch)
  • good technical infrastructure (roads, railaway, airports)
  • social infrastructure (preschools, schools)
  • good market local climate (good chances for success of an investment)
  • friendly administrative local climate (attitude of local authorities towards investors)
  • well-developed cultural infrastructure (e.g.: Centrum Kultury „Browar B”, Teatr Impresaryjny im.W. Gnizadowskiego, Stara Remiza, Muzeum Ziemi Kujawskiej i Dobrzy雟kiej), sports infrastructure (e.g.: Hala Mistrz闚, swimming pools with  skating rinks, marinas at  W這c豉wek Bay)
  • tourist capital (W這c豉wek Bay, forest of  Gostyni雟ko-W這c豉wski Landscape Park, lakes: Czarne and  Wikaryjskie, rivers - Wis豉  and Zg這wi帷zka), historical buildings.

Contact data:

Investor Assistance Center
W這c豉wek City Hall,
11/13 Zielony Rynek, 87-800 W這c豉wek
Tel: + 48 54 414 40 44, + 48 54 414 44 77, + 48 54 414 47 67
E-mail: coi@um.wloclawek.pl

Miejski Zesp馧 Us逝g Komunalnych

ul. Zielna 11/13
87-800 W這c豉wek



(Last data update: December 2019)

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