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Science and Technology Park Poland-East in Suwałki

Mission and Objectives

Science and Technology Park Poland-East in Suwałki Sp. z o.o. [limited liability company] was established in June 2004 (founded on 04.06.2004).

The idea behind the creation of the Park is the search for new solutions to overcome the existing barriers and impediments to the development and of the Podlaskie region. The strategic objective of the Park is to make Suwałki an attractive place of reciprocal connections between science and business, enabling the transfer of technology and innovative forms of economic activity and investment. The stakeholders of the Company are: The City of Suwałki, University of Białystok, Warsaw University of Technology, State Higher Vocational School in Suwałki, Institute of Telecommunications in Warsaw and the Polish Advisory and Consulting Association in Białystok.

The Incubator and Laboratories Building

The Incubator and Laboratories Building

The complex of the buildings of the Park was built at the end of 2012 as part of the EU co-financed project: "Construction and Commissioning of the New Facilities of the Science and Technology Park Poland-East in Suwalki" under the Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013. It is composed of: The Technology Incubator, a complex of laboratories: Chemical Product Research Laboratory, Medical Laboratory, Renewable Energy Laboratory, Multimedia Laboratory, Hall of Logistic and Production Processes, and the Conference Centre. The Incubator building houses consists of the reception hall and different sized office rooms that can be utilized as facilities for companies at different stages of their development. Complimentary to the rooms are small conference rooms and sanitary facilities. The Conference Centre is a large, amphitheatre conference hall with 300 seats, booths for simultaneous interpretation and two smaller rooms with 100 seats and catering facilities. Both halls along with the adjacent rooms can be used as one common conference/exhibition space or separately. The whole complex is equipped with modern audio and video systems offering such services as electronic counting of votes, recording and broadcasting of meetings.

The Park facilities are characterized by modern design, functionality, high quality of construction and interesting architecture.

The Conference Hall with 300 seats

The Conference Room with 100 seats

A room with 12 seats

A room with 16 seats

The Conference and Exhibition Centre
The Hall of Technological Processes

The Science and Technology Park is:

  • an economic entity of scientific and technological profile initiated by public funds,
  • an institution stimulating in a systematic way development of science and economy, providing conditions for a free flow of scientific knowledge into economic practice,
  • a place of development of modern technologies generating new workplaces, serving as a stimulus for the creation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises,
  • a driving force for the economy of the whole region.

The offer of the Science and Technology Park Poland-East sp. z o.o. in Suwałki

1. Land for sale

Science and Technology Park Poland-East sp. z o.o. in Suwałki offers attractive fully serviced plots for investment.

This offer is addressed particularly to innovative companies operating in the field of advanced technologies, above all, those investing in:

  • technologies of information systems and telecommunications networks,
  • electronics,
  • materials engineering technologies,
  • medical engineering and healthcare technologies,
  • technologies connected with environmental protection and the use of renewable and alternative sources of energy,
  • automation, measurement and laboratory equipment,
  • precision engineering.

Already operating on the premises are:

  • Science and Technology Park Poland-East sp. z o.o. in Suwałki
  • Production and Commercial Branch of Achtel Company, Ciechanów / car cosmetics and fluids/,
  • Hotel Szyszko***

Three other companies have bought land for the realization of their investment projects.

Investment areas

2. Rental of premises

The offer of rental of the conference rooms and facilities in the Science and Technology Park Poland-East sp. z o.o. in Suwałki:




Number of seats



Conference hall
second floor

304 seats + 6 persons on wheelchairs

The Park Conference Hall is an ideal place for organization of all kinds of conferences

  • excellent aesthetics
  • amphitheatre style arrangement of the seats
  • professional audio and sound system,
  • multimedia,
  • simultaneous interpreting - 3 interpreter booths, wireless system
  • catering facilities
  • adjacent two small rooms with 12 seats each


Conference room in the ground floor


conference room equipped with a voting system. An ideal venue for organisation of seminars.

  • professional audio and sound system,
  • multimedia,
  • the voting system ideal for organization of partners and stakeholders meetings
  • catering facilities


Conference room in the third floor


room for 16 people, stylish design, well furnished, suitable for training and business meetings

  • multimedia equipment,
  • possibility to rent training computers
  • teleconferencing equipment
  • professional audio and video recording


Small conference rooms /4/


rooms /4/ for 12 people each, suitable for training and business meetings

  • multimedia equipment,
  • possibility to rent training computers
  • teleconferencing equipment


Office rooms

excellent conditions for modern companies, well-equipped offices modern environment, air conditioned, Internet provided. In the hallway: kitchen facilities and small conference rooms.


Cell offices


cell offices furnished and equipped like standard offices. glass partitions perfect for start-ups


Exhibition hall

420 m²

The hall is ideal for organization of exhibitions, presentations and small fairs, located in the ground floor, exit to the patio.

  • professional audio and sound system,
  • multimedia,
  • catering facilities
  • adjacent to the Conference Hall on the first floor and two small conference rooms for 12


The Conference and Exhibition Centre

the whole of the Building D

It consists of: a room for 304 + 6 for persons on wheelchair, a room for 100 with a foyer; it is possible to convert it into an exhibition hall of 420 m², also: changing rooms, toilets, catering facilities, smoking room, two smaller rooms for 12


The Hall of Logistic and Production Processes


The Hall of the total area of ​745 m² consists of the following space:

  • production rooms,
  • storerooms,
  • sanitary and staff rooms.

The Hall can be utilized for lightweight production or for high storage.

Prices are negotiable

3. Laboratories

Science and Technology Park Poland-East in Suwałki Sp. z o.o. invites you to take advantage of our range of research and development laboratories. Well-equipped laboratories allow for running educational and scientific as well as commercial activities.

3.1 Multimedia Platform Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with research amenities for innovative and advanced technologies, e.g. for acquisition, gathering, storing and sharing of digital data.

It is equipped with high quality equipment and several types of IT tools, e.g. for audio and video processing, data analysis and recovery from physically damaged media, as well as complementary examination of data encoding and encryption.

The laboratory workrooms will be available to research and education institutions, it is also possible to organize here educational and research activities, training, traineeships and work placements.

The laboratory is composed of the workrooms of:

  • data recovery,
  • computer-aided 2D and 3D graphic design and research,
  • imaging systems for industrial automation,
  • data encoding and encryption,
  • analysis of sound.

It is equipped with:

  • data recovery software,
  • high precision printers and photography tools,
  • software for processing of audio-visual materials,
  • experimental systems,
  • servers and switches
  • thermal imaging camera,
  • sound analysis simulators.

3.2 The Centre for Renewable Energy Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment to conduct research and offer research and development services. It can conduct innovative projects in the field of the research of biomass, its wastes and intermediate products of processing of bio-mass of different origin, as well as research designed to improve the efficiency of biomass energy production.

The Laboratory equipment allows carrying out educational activities, traineeships and work placements.

The innovative character of the laboratory lies in its capacity to operate research allowing development of new methods of production of second-generation fuels from biomass waste for such purposes as powering of cogeneration systems based on recip-rocating engines, heat engines and fuel cells.

The laboratory objectives include:

  • research of biomass and its uses,
  • research of energy efficiency,
  • energy from waste management,
  • examination of the processes related to the production and use of renewable energy,
  • development of methods of generating energy from waste.

It is equipped with:

  • bioreactors,
  • chromatographs
  • analytical installations,
  • equipment required for conducting scientific experiments.

3.3 Chemical Product Research Laboratory

The modern laboratory equipment allows conducting research, offers R&D services and research of sustainable solutions for industry in the field of oil and chemical products processing using nanotechnology. Research can be carried out on the decreasing the toxicity (harmfulness) of chemical products to reduce their consumption and thus to protect the environment.

The laboratory objectives include:

  • examination of household and automotive and materials chemicals,
  • biochemical product examination,
  • development of new formulas of chemicals and manufacturing technologies,
  • application of nanotechnology in industry.

It is equipped also with comprehensive facilities for research and implementation in the fields of:

  • fuel technology,
  • lubricants,
  • cosmetic products.

3.4 "MEDICAL CENTER" - Academic Creativity Laboratory

The laboratory features facilities for research in the field of modern methods of simulation of medical procedures and evaluation of medical hardware and appliances in their functional and environmental performance.

The main objective of the laboratory is to gather on the premises means to simulate different environments providing health care services, using up-to-date simulation technologies.

The laboratory is equipped with a unique simulators (Human Patient Simulators) and Poland's first ambulance simulator which allows to reproduce the working environment of both the emergency team and the ambulance driver.

The laboratory equipment includes wireless networking enabling data transmission to outside entities.

The use of patient simulators controlled wirelessly allows testing and simulation in the natural environment, and the ability to remotely control some of the instruments allows supervision by persons being outside of the laboratory.

The laboratory is designed to conduct research on the medical procedures used in the prehospital care and on the activities connected with research and implementation of medical equipment, in particular as regards its practical application and ergonomics.

Part of the laboratory work is related to the training in medical procedures both in hospital and prehospital care as well as training/presentations with the participation of non-medical services: fire brigade, police or army.

The laboratory objectives include:

  • examination of medical and treatment procedures,
  • examination of the ergonomics of medical equipment and appliances,
  • research on stress in medical and paramedical professions,
  • research of simulator sickness
  • conducting on-site and e-learning training for the medical profession.

It is equipped with:

  • training phantoms,
  • simulators,
  • defibrillators,
  • anaesthesia sets,
  • diagnostic test lines for testing of emergency medical procedures and equipment.

The laboratory is operated by: Europejskie Centrum Doradztwa Sp.z.o.o, contact:lsm@medicalsimulation.pl, tel. 512 296 960.

Contact Details:

Company name

Suwałki Science and Technology Park Poland-East LLC


ul. Innowacyjna,
116-400 Suwałki

Reception desk

tel.: +48 87 564 22 00;
fax: +48 87 564 22 01





Secretary office

tel.: +48 87 564 22 22;
fax: +48 87 564 22 21


tel.: +48 87 564 22 66


tel.: +48 87 564 22 55

Working hours

Monday through Friday 7.30 - 15.30

NIP no.




Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Krucza St. 50

00-025 Warsaw

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