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Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park AEROPOLIS

Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park AEROPOLIS


Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park AEROPOLIS is now one of the most attractive investment locations in southeastern Poland. Its concept is to encourage modern businesses and technologies while mobilizing the potential of local universities and research centers. The key component of the Park’s offer is a fully serviced investment area (170 ha). The companies located in the Park may benefit from relief in local taxes and charges. As the Park area has been incorporated into the Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK Mielec, corporate tax breaks are also possible. AEROPOLIS is managed by Rzeszow Regional Development Agency.


S1 Zone - Photo: RARR archiv


AEROPOLIS mission and offer

The idea behind the PSTP AEROPOLIS is to increase the competitiveness of the local economy, to implement state-of-the-art technologies and to manage knowledge and capital resources. It is a link transforming innovative scientific ideas into modern technological solutions that are then marketed by enterprises. This approach helps create an attractive environment that encourages creation of business and, consequently, new jobs.

The main pillar of the AEROPOLIS’ mission is to deliver fully serviced and build-ready development land with basic infrastructure making it available to high-technology companies to ensure encouraging conditions for running their businesses. The offer of the Park is dedicated to following sectors: aviation, IT/ICT, quality of life, electromechanical engineering, biotechnology, chemical industry and automotive. 


S2 Zone - photo: RARR archiv


AEROPOLIS location

PSTP AEROPOLIS is located nearby the international Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport and motorway A4 -  transport accessibility is therefore excellent. The area of the Park is divided into three investment zones:

  • S1 Zone - located in the villages of Jasionka and Tajęcina, the Community of Trzebownisko (area 70 ha);
  • S2 Zone - located in the village of Rogoźnica, Comm. Głogów Małopolski (48 ha);
  • S1-3 Zone - located in the villages Zaczernie, Comm. Trzebownisko and Rudna Mała, Comm. Głogów Małopolski (48 ha - and about 22 ha still available for investors). 


S1-3 Zone - photo: RARR archiv


AEROPOLIS Technology Incubator

AEROPOLIS Technology Incubator constitutes an integral part of the Park and aims at the creation of space where micro, small and medium-sized businesses can run their activities. The priority is given to high-technology companies operating in aerospace, IT, electromechanical, biotechnological and the chemical industries. Entrepreneurs may rent office and production space on attractive terms and use the infrastructural, technical and conference facilities available in the Incubator. Tenants may also take advantage of free experts’ advice from following fields: industrial design, intellectual property (patent attorney) and business planning.


Complex of Technology Incubator - photo: T. Poźniak and RARR archiv


AEROPOLIS research laboratories

The comprehensive offer of the AEROPOLIS is completed by the well-equipped laboratory base. The AEROPOLIS Laboratory of Materials Science and Prototyping is located inside the Technology Incubator Complex. There are also two labs under the authority of PSTP in Rzeszow - AEROPOLIS Research Laboratory and AEROPOLIS Laboratory of Biotechnology.


AEROPOLIS Research Laboratory and AEROPOLIS Laboratory of Biotechnology - photo: RARR archiv


AEROPOLIS entrepreneurs

More than 40 companies run their businesses in PSTP AEROPOLIS. The biggest ones are for example: MTU Aero Engines, BorgWarner, Goodrich Aerospace, Mc Braida, FIBRAIN, OPTeam, BSH (dawny Zelmer), META-ZEL, ML System. The investment value exceeded 2 billion Polish zlotys in 2016.


MTU Aero Engines

Borg Warner Turbo Systems



AEROPOLIS Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park Centre
Jasionka 954, 36-002 Jasionka
phone: + 48 17 77 36 822

www. inkubator.rarr.rzeszow.pl
Rzeszow Regional Development Agency
Szopena Str. 51, 35-959 Rzeszów
phone: +48 17 86 76 242
Inward Investment Center
Szopena Str. 51, 35-959 Rzeszów
phone: +48 17 86 76 260

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Krucza St. 50

00-025 Warsaw

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