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Industrial Park of the Leżajsk Commune

Park name: The Industrial Park of the Leżajsk Commune
Park type: Industrial Park
Stage of development: The Industrial Park of the Leżajsk Commune is at the preliminary stage of development
Status SSE: The Industrial Park of the Leżajsk Commune is a subzone of the Special Economic Zone EURO-Park Mielec


The Industrial Park is located in the South East of Poland, in podkarpacie voivodeship, in Leżajsk Commune. Close vicinity to Bieszczady Mountains and many local monuments make The Industrial Park more valuable not only for investment purposes.

The Park is located in close vicinity to Leżajsk town, in two places: 

  • Stare Miasto (Zone A with the total area of ca. 33 ha),
  • Wierzawice (Zone B with the total area of ca. 2.5 ha),

The total area of this region is more than 35 hectares of land with full infrastructure (green-field) and three industrial halls (brown-field) with the total area of 7000 m².  Both to the halls and lands divided into sectors, lead convenient exits from national road no. 77 and regional road no. 877.


The Industrial Park is well situated in terms of fast access to main transit routes:

  • 45 km from the nearest international aiport Rzeszów-Jasionka,
  • 20 km to the first junction of new motorway A4
  • 25 km from planned expressway S19
  • 65 km from the international trunk line in Żurawica (rail transport to the East),
  • 70 km from the closest border crossing with Ukraine in Korczowa.


The Industrial Park is supposed to facilitate starting business activity. All investors can rely on our assistance in every business matter.

The Industrial Park area is divided into 9 sectors of land with three halls, fully equipped with utilities i.e. electricity, gas, water sewage system, ICT systems, access and internal roads with parking spaces.

The Industrial Park offers:

  • Lease and sale of land (green-field),
  • Lease and sale of the production halls (brown-field),


  • support in form of public assistance provided in the SEZ in form of income tax exemption (up to 70%),
  • favourable and assisting self-government administration
  • well developed network transfer,
  • low labour costs,
  • proximity to research centers, educating well qualified personnel for potential investors; Rzeszów University of Technology and the University of Rzeszów,
  • high competence of the Company’s employees managing the Industrial park, who are ready to provide factual and informative assistance;
  • assistance at every stage of investment site.


The Industrial Park in Leżajsk cooperates with a variety of companies and institutions, among others with the local Job Agency and Technical Vocational Complex in Leżajsk, both of which declared assistance in organizing internships, recruiting new workers and creating new fields of studies adjusted to the needs of prospective investors. Moreover, the Industrial Park is a member of Polish German Chamber of Industry and Trade, Aviation Valley and National Association of Industrial Parks and Technology Parks.

Business environment

The following companies conduct business activity in the vicinity of Park Przemysłowy Gminy Leżajsk: Żywiec Group, ZPOW Hortino, Philip Moris Polska, Fabryka Maszyn, Silikaty Ostrołęka oraz BMF POLSKA, creating at the same time a possible network of cooperants and suppliers.


„Stare Miasto – Park” Sp. z o.o.
Wierzawice 874, 37-300 Leżajsk
Tel/fax +48  17 242 60 94


Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Krucza St. 50

00-025 Warsaw

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