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Regional Park in Gryfino

Stage of development


SSE status

Within the Regional Park in Gryfino, there have been over 160 ha of industrial terrains selected, out of which over 55 ha is a part of the Kostrzyń - Słubice Special Economic Zone terrains.


One of the most significant features of the geographical location of the commune is its communication accessibility. There are important road (A-6 motorway, S-3 express road, national roads no. 3 and no. 31), railway and water communication channels crossing the commune and its direct neighbourhood.

The investment terrains are located directly at the exit from the S-3 express exit, distance from the A-6 motorway - 10 km, distance from the railway line - 10 km, from the airport in Goleniowo - 55 km, from the airport in Berlin - 150 km, short distance to the Szczecin-Świnoujście port.

Park offer

The Commune of Gryfino provides full technical infrastructure development necessary for the functioning of the Regional Park in Gryfino.

Areas covered with the status of the special economic zone:

  • Complex 1.2 with the area of 8.7131 ha,
  • complex 1.2 with the area of 22.7027 ha,
  • complex 1.2 with the area of 19.6845 ha,

Other Park areas:

  • complex 2.1 with the area of 19.5126 ha,
  • complex 2.2 with the area of 34.1617 ha,
  • complex 2.3 with the area of 24.6034 ha,
  • complex 2.4 with the area of 20.7130 ha,
  • complex 2.5 with the area of 9.9943 ha,
  • complex 2.6 with the area of 6.7981 ha

The entrepreneur undertaking a business activity in the territory of the Special Economic Zone functioning in the Regional Park is entitled to benefit from the regional assistance in the form of tax exemption in the CIT income tax arising from two sources: incurred investment outlays or creation of new work places. I addition, within the area of the Commune of Gryfino there is Regional Assistance functioning in the form of real property tax exemptions.

Contact data:

Gmina Gryfino
1 Maja Street 16,
74-100 Gryfino
Phone: 091 416 20 11
Fax: 091 416 27 02

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Krucza St. 50

00-025 Warsaw

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