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Green Industrial Park Cierznie

Green Industrial Park Cierznie

Type of Park: Industry and Services

Management Entity:

Town and Gmina (community) Debrzno
Business Incubator Cierznie


Business Incubator Cierznie
Cierznie 64
77-310 Debrzno
Phone: +48 59 722 13 33,
Mobile: +48 668 328 243, +48 784 418 365
E-mail: info@perlowainwestycja.pl

Stage of development - the initial phase of development

Green Industrial Park Cierznie


Green Industrial Park Cierznie is located of Pomorskie voivodship (Pomerania region) in the Człuchowski poviat, in the Northern part of gmina (community) Debrzno, in close proximity to the national road no. 22.

Sector Profile

Green Industrial Park Cierznie is a particularly separated investment area, with the surface of 56.63 ha. In the area of Green Industrial Park Cierznie Cierznie is located Business Incubator Cierznie.

Size of the plots - from 1 ha to 10 ha and more - with the possibility of individual division or joining.

The area of 9.87 ha of ZPP Cierznie has the status of Słupsk Special Economic Zone - Sub-zone “Debrzno”.


Investment areas outside Słupsk Special Economic Zone

Investment incentives:

  • plot price: within 11-16 PLN net/2 (the price may be changed, it is calculated based on the valuation survey performed by a Certified Property Valuer, by way of a tender. The land price may also be influenced by the employment rate the investor plans to obtain.)
  • possibility to be exempted from real property tax - pursuant to the resolution no. of the Municipal Council
  • location of the areas by the national road no. 22
  • professional service for the investor
  • possibility to enable the investor to have access to offices, as well as storage and production areas in IPC to the investor for the period of the investment in ZPP
  • support in employee recruitment
  • possibility to train the employees for the needs of the investor
  • possibility to transport the employees to work in ZPP
  • free promotion of entities operating in ZPP on local websites and during the organized trainings and conferences.

Investment areas having the status of Słupsk Special Economic Zone (9.87 ha) - Sub-zone “Debrzno”

Słupsk Special Economic Zone - Sub-zone “Debrzno”

  • Investing in the Zone, entrepreneurs may avail themselves of exemptions from the income tax CIT/PIT due to realization of a new investment or due to creation of new workplaces in the Zone;
  • Maximum intensity of public assistance in the Zone amounts to, appropriately:
    • 35% for a large entrepreneur (above 250 employees);
    • 45% for a medium entrepreneur (above 50 employees);
    • 55% for a medium entrepreneur (10-49 employees) and micro (below 10 employees);
  • Possibility to apply for exemption from real property tax.

Plot prices in SSSE are running at about 35-40 PLN net /m2.

The price is calculated based on the valuation survey prepared by a Certified Property Valuer. The final land value is assessed by means of a tender together with a Tender Committee.

The land price may also be influenced by the employment rate the investor plans to obtain.

Business Incubator Cierznie

Lease of:

  • office space - lease fee: 20-25 PLN per 1m2
  • production-storage-service space - lease fee: 8-12 PLN per 1m2
  • conference room - 16 PLN
    • professional office support service
    • service for meetings, trainings and conferences
    • organizational, information and consulting services
    • letting the conference room for companies located in IPC - free of charge
    • promotion of entities operating in IPC on a website and during the trainings and conferences organized by IPC - free of charge

Business Incubator Cierznie

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Krucza St. 50

00-025 Warsaw

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