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Bełchatów Kleszczów Industrial And Technological Park

Bełchatów Kleszczów Industrial And Technological Park
Park type: industrial and technological
Managing entity: Bełchatów Kleszczów Industrial And Technological Park Ltd.
97-400 Bełchatów, Ciepłownicza Street 5
Phone: +48 533 770 443
e-mail: bkppt@ppt.belchatow.pl

The Bełchatów Kleszczów Industrial and Technology Park  Ltd. (BKITP Ltd.) is one of the instrument of reviving the economy of Bełchatów. The main task of the Bełchatów Kleszczów Industrial and Technology Park Ltd. is restructuring of the local industry monoculture, acceleration of the economic growth in the region and creation of new jobs by development of high-tech companies, support of technology transfer and its commercialisation, stimulation of innovation process and economic activity in general. The main goal of BKITP Ltd. is to submit to the investors a modern offer that is in accordance with EU norms, encourages economic activity and efficiency as well as produces social benefits.

ITPBK Ltd. has investment areas in its offer. Moreover it leases areas as part of Technological Incubator.

The main task of the ITPBK is to create attractive local conditions for development of businesses and investment opportunities for external investors. The board of the ITPBK offers entrepreneurs the option to purchase or rent the plots and buildings in order to make use of the existing infrastructure thereby benefiting from the consulting services. It also offers the possibility of technology transfer and assistance in applying for the financial support (incl. EU structural funds).

The expected measurable results are:

  • stimulating local economy,
  • increasing inland revenue,
  • stimulating of local and regional development and enhancement of investing attractiveness,
  • growth of social and economical potential of the region,
  • integration of local environment,
  • enhancing of competitiveness of the region,
  • enhancing of competitiveness of the enterprises set up within the ITPBK,
  • implementing projects for small and medium-sized enterprises and consolidation of this sector,
  • support in setting up business,
  • experience exchange among the entrepreneurs.

The shareholders of the Bełchatów Kleszczów Industrial and Technological Park Ltd. are:

  • Bełchatów Commune/City
  • Kleszczów Commune Development Foundation
  • „Energomontaż-Północ-Bełchatów” Ltd.
  • Przedsiębiorstwo Innowacyjno-Produkcyjne „INKOM” Ltd.
  • Technical University of ŁódĽ
  • Bełchatów county
  • Rz±¶nia Commune
  • Kluki Commune


Ciepłownicza Street 5
97-400 Bełchatów
Phone: +48 533 770 443
E-mail: bkppt@ppt.belchatow.pl
www: www.ppt.belchatow.pl

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