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Investment potential

Poland has a large internal market of over 38 million consumers and easy access to the European Union market, which has 500 million consumers, as well as the other countries of Eastern Europe - all this creates a favourable environment which thousands of investors have taken advantage of.
Poland is a leader in the CEE region in terms of the number of greenfield investments, and ranks third in Europe. The value of investments in Poland in 2019 was estimated at USD 21.8 billion. Moreover, thanks to its stable economy and resilience to crisis, the Coronavirus pandemic did not reverse the positive investment trends in Poland. FSI research indicates that 165 new investments were created in Poland in the first 4 months of 2020 - this is 15% more than in the same period in the previous year. Moreover, the pandemic is unlikely to have a large impact on future investments, as suggested by Ernst & Young Global Limited forecast, which predicts an 80% investment success rate in Poland; compared to 65% in Europe.

Greenfield investments in Europe in 2020 (FDI)

PositionCountryInvestment value (bn USD)
 1Great Britain34,4 
 2 Poland22,9
 5Spain 11,7
Source: fDi Report 2021 Global greenfield investment trends


The fact that 94% of investors are willing to reinvest in Poland is a significant proof of their trust in Polish economy. Furthermore, this willingness to re-invest in the country is growing every year. 

Reinvestment trends in Poland
Reinvestment trends in Poland
Source: National Bank of Poland

We encourage you to read the publication the Investment climate in Poland, where the topic of reinvestment and trends is discussed in detail.

Investment leader
Investment leader

  • EUR 205.4 billion (PLN 938.6 billion) - according to the National Bank of Poland, this is the value of liabilities from foreign direct investment (FDI) at the end of 2020 (an increase by 2.73% y / y). Reinvested earnings accounted for the largest part of  net inflow of FDI, which acts as  proof that investors trust the Polish economy and wish to invest again.
  • The total value of completed investment projects supported by PAIH in 2021 was EUR 3.5 billion.
  • Despite the unfavourable circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Poland was one of the few countries to record an increase in the inflow of new foreign investments and rose from seventh to sixth place in the ranking of European countries attracting the most investments.

Number of newly announced investment projects*

PozycjaKraj20192020^2019/20Market Share 2020
4 Hiszpania486354-27%7%
6 Polska200219+10%4%


* in European countries
Source: Own study based on  data from the EY Attractiveness Survey Europe 2020 and 2021

According to the National Bank of Poland, in 2020 Poland received a total inflow of FDI equal to 53.94 billion PLN (EUR 11.77 billion). 

Poland's net liabilities due to inward direct investment

 YearStocks and other forms of equity
(mln PLN)
 Debt instruments
(mln PLN)
(mln PLN)
2015543 297182 255725 552
2016 582 603255 206788 774
2017639 016197 827836 842
2018649 860213 093862 963
2019688 827203 350892 176
Source: National Bank of Poland, Direct Foreign investments in Poland 2019 

In addition, business opportunities are being created by the modernisation programme of infrastructure on a level unparalleled in Europe – road, rail and air transport, as well as energy infrastructure. For more see: Strategic location in the heart of Europe 

Governmental support

The results of European investment funds between 2014-2021
The results of European investment funds
Source: Image based on https://www.funduszeeuropejskie.gov.pl/en/site/learn-more-about-european-funds/effects-of-european-funds-2014-2020/ 

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