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The Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone "INVEST-PARK" was established in 1997 and covers 174 communes located in 3 Voivodeships of south-western Poland (Dolnośląskie, Opolskie and Wielkopolskie Voivodships). Thanks to the investments of global giants such as Toyota, Mercedes, Volkswagen, 3M, Umicore or Capchem, not only the automotive and electromobility industries are developing in south-west Poland, but also related industries such as metalworking, plastics processing and the chemical industry, as well as logistics services for these industries. Almost 50% of the companies operating in the WSEZ are representatives of micro, small and medium business. The Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone "INVEST-PARK" is especially recommended for locating investments in Europe and appreciated for the quality and comprehensive service provided to entrepreneurs. The WSEZ "INVEST-PARK" was also awarded for the dynamics of development of companies that have located their plants in it. First of all, another Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland project gained recognition. Thanks to the investments of the Japanese concern, Poland has become the second center, apart from Asia, producing modern hybrid drives.

Zone map: divided into Voivodships and Poviats
map of Poland
SEZ map

Advantages and successes of the Wałbrzych SEZ:
  • income tax relief up to 55% (from 01/01/2022 to 60%) of investment costs or the 2-year employment costs of new employees,
  • attractive investment plots in south-western Poland,
  • a strategic location in Central Europe, along the most important communication routes,
  • 66% of the working-age population (specialized employees, academic centers),
  • the possibility of renting existing facilities (factories and office space),
  • support of the WSSE "INVEST-PARK" company at the stage of investment implementation and later during business operations,
  • a purchasing group that lowers the costs of utility bills,
  • thematic clubs for employees of companies in the Zone: HR, Accountant, Exporter's Zone (meetings with experts, webinars),
  • a program of cooperation between vocational schools and entrepreneurs - Educational Cluster "INVEST in EDU",
  • industry clusters.

  • The total amount of investment expenditure incurred by all the companies operating in the Zone: over PLN 33 billion
  • Total employment in the Zone: over 65 thousand jobs created
  • Leading sectors: automotive, food, packaging, household appliances, chemical

  • WSSE "INVEST-PARK" was awarded in the fDi Magazine "Global Free Zones of the Year" ranking. The zone was recognized as the best place for investments in the automotive industry.
  • At the end of 2019, it received the Pearl of the Polish Economy award in the Pearl of Innovation category.

Major investors in the Zone:

Investor Country of origin Sector
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland
Japan automotive
Volkswagen Germany automotive
Umicore Belgium electromobility
Mondelez USA grocery
Electrolux Sweden household appliances
3M USA materials for many sectors
Mando Corporation Poland
Korea automotive
Colgate-Palmolive USA cosmetics
Faurecia France automotive
Capchem Poland

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Zone Management

Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone "INVEST-PARK" sp. Z o.o.
ul. Uczniowska 16
58-306 Wałbrzych
phone: +48 74 664 91 64
e-mail: invest@invest-park.com.pl

Contacts for investors:

Marketing and Sales Department
phone: +48 74 664 91 54
e-mail: dms@invest-park.com.pl

Katarzyna Prociak - Director
phone: +48 609 051 541
e-mail: k.prociak@invest-park.com.pl

Beata Rzemyszkiewicz - Project Manager
phone: +48 665 030 276
e-mail: b.rzemyszkiewicz@invest-park.com.pl

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