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Basic facts

  • Employment growth
    According to experts more than 3/4 of employers from the Life Sciences industry had a plan to hire new employees in 2021.
  • Important sector
    The pharmaceutical sector generates around 1 percent of GDP, directly and indirectly creating nearly 100,000 jobs.
  • Sector potential
    In 2019, the exports of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries increased by 11% compared to the previous year, and the growth was twice as fast as the total Polish exports. According to GUS, the pharmaceutical industry is a leader in product innovation, ahead of the production of computers, electronic and optical products.
Sources: data coming from HAYS report

Mature and stable market for the production of generics

Polish market sales value forecast by segment 2018-2021 in bln PLN. Despite lagging behind its Western counterparts, Poland's pharmaceutical sector leads among the CEE countries in R&D expenditure.

The largest pharmaceutical companies continue to invest in building new, big teams in Poland. The demand for specialists in the area of quality - control, systems or validation - is still growing. The year 2021, and the time after the pandemic of coronavirus, is a good time for career development for experts from these areas. There is also a great demand for new employees in Poland in the area of clinical trials - here we can observe the largest salary increases. The year 2020, when the pandemic began, was also a big challenge for pharmacies. The growing number of recruitments in the sector expanded the talent pool in this area.

Sources: Kuźmierkiewicz, Rachoń & Grynkiewicz (2019) Pharmaceutical industry and its influence on the state of healthcare in Poland, in view of the local innovative potential. Polish Technical Review No. 2/2019.
The Pharmaceutical Industry in Figures. Key data 2020, EFPIA: European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, p. 7.

Well-educated talent pool, strong academic base for pharma & biopharma

  • 25 707 - Number of graduates in the Health sector in 2019
  • 1st in CEE - Number of graduates in biopharma related degrees
  • 5th in Europe - Number of graduates in biopharma related degrees
  • >40 - Number of higher education institutions focused on skills relevant for the biopharma industry

Trusted by major international players. Proven investment location for industry, BSS and R&D centers

  • 78,2 - FDI inflows in 2019 in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector (mln EUR)
  • 17 - Number of top biopharma companies in Poland
  • 31 - Number of successful investments
  • 640 - Value of total investments (mln EUR)
  • 3300 - Number of jobs created

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