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Large, fast-growing domestic market

  • Large, aging population - 38.3m
  • Largest CEE medical device market - USD 11bn, forecast to reach USD 13.8bn in 2024
  • Growing private healthcare sector - 7% CAGR in years 2016-2021
  • Highest health expenditure in CEE - USD 38.2bn
  • Market growing at 10.1% CAGR 2019-2024 in USD terms - 2x the Global CAGR
  • 6,2% of GDP spent on healthcare going up to 7% by 2027 according to the Government’s policy
Sources: GUS; OECD data, Q3 2020; PMR; MedTech Europe Report 2020; Fitch Solutions MedTech Industry Report

Attractive MedTech hub

  • EU membership
    EU member since 2004 with strong links to eurozone, ensuring same quality standards
  • Most resilient to COVID crisis in the EU
    Polish economy reported the smallest drop in GDP dynamics among the EU countries
  • Fast exports growth
    Growing MedTech production, with exports increasing by 18.9% in 2018
  • 4th largest talent pool in EU
    Availability of highly skilled employees, large and well educated labor force
  • Fast-growing domestic companies
    Revenues of domestic companies increased by 30% between 2014 and 2018
  • >80% of train transports between China-EU go through Poland
    Logistics bridge between East and West, proximity to customers

Sources: OECD statistics; Press research; Puls Biznesu and Spotdata Report “Polish MedTech - chances and illustions”; Bloomberg; InfoCredit

Innovation booster

  • Regulations in line with EU legislation
  • Governmental incentives for R&D
  • Large MedTech student pool
  • Big testing base - 11 million patients a year
  • High growth of R&D centers, +300 in past few years
  • Synergies with strong IT sector

"Poland has an immense pool of talent and is a hotbed for innovation that continues to grow."

"Poland’s overlapping business hours with all of our R&D centres around the world definitely facilitates flawless global operations."

Frank Konings, COO, Johnson & Johnson

Sources: GUS; OECD statistics; Press research; Puls Biznesu and Spotdata Report “Polish MedTech - chances and illustions”;

Lively Polish MedTech environment

  • CRO R&D
    Total CRO: 50
    Paraxel, ICON, Novartis, PRA, PSI, Roche, Pfizer
  • Startups
    Around 100 MedTech startups
    Among others - StethoMe, Pregnabit, MedApp
  • Universities
    + 64 thousand medical students each year
    Dedicated MedTech studies: 3D Technologies in Medicine, Biocybernetics, Bioengineering, Neuroinformatics, IT in Medicine&Pharma
Sources: Crido Report “R&D market in Poland”;;

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