Winners of the Academy of Economic Diplomacy competition selected

During Monday's ceremony, the Chairman of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Andrzej Dycha, together with representatives of the Warsaw School of Economics, presented awards as part of the Academy of Economic Diplomacy project. The competition was a joint initiative of the Agency and the University addressed to SGH students. The projects aim was to select the best university talents in the field of foreign trade knowledge.
Winners of the Academy of Economic Diplomacy competition selected

The competition of the Academy of Economic Diplomacy was addressed to students who are passionate about issues related to economic exchange, diplomacy and international relations, who want to play a part in the export success of Polish companies. The interested students were given the task to prepare a presentation on "Opportunities for new foreign markets for the Polish agri-food system".

The competition attracted a lot of interest. From among the applications, the competition committee selected five winning presentations. The winners distinguished themselves by their originality and insight, analytical outlook, and professional and mature approach to the subject.

The winners were presented with the award by PAIH’s Chairman Andrzej Dycha, SGH’s Rector Prof. Piotr Wachowiak and Prof. Hanna Godlewska-Majkowska. The meeting was also attended by representatives of PAIH's departments involved in the competition - Natalia Matyba, Director of the Market Analysis and Strategy Department, and Anna Kaczmarska, Director of the Communication, Partnership and Promotion Department.

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