Tunisia as a gateway to Africa for Polish business

Tunisia is a country that can become a gateway to other African markets for Polish business. This is the conclusion of the "Tunisia as a Gateway to Africa" conference, which took place in PAIH’s Information Centre. The event attracted several dozen representatives of Polish companies and business environment institutions.
Tunisia as a Gateway to Africa

The guest of honour of the conference was His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia, Mr. Taoufik Chebbi. During his speech, he spoke about the long history of diplomatic relations between Poland and Tunisia and the growing role of economic relations between our countries. He stressed that the economies of both countries can benefit by combining Poland’s pace of development and innovation with Tunisia's strong relations in the region and openness to cooperation.

The conference was attended by representatives of business organizations from Tunisia. Ahmed Hamouda from the Polish-Tunisian Chamber of Commerce (PTCC) presented the opportunities offered by having a presence on the local market. Among other things, he spoke about Tunisia's excellent location, the country's openness to trade cooperation and the network of relationships it has in the region and across the continent. Anis Jaziri, President of the Tunisia Africa Business Council, spoke about the economic development of his country and the opportunities that Poland and Tunisia will have, thanks to establishing cooperation.

During the event, cooperation agreements were signed between PTCC and PAIH, Tunisia Africa Business Council and Targi Kielce. The conference was accompanied by a networking session between representatives, entrepreneurs and business organizations.

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