The II Poland-Ukraine Construction Convention

The event bringing together representatives of the construction sector in Poland and Ukraine, as well as key representatives of both Government parties and business environment institutions, has come to an end. The Forum was opened by PAIH’s Chairman Andrzej Dycha.
II Konwencja Budownictwa Polska-Ukraina

In his opening speech, he emphasized that companies operating in the construction industry have long been great ambassadors of Poland in the world, including Ukraine. He also emphasised the Agency's commitment to Polish-Ukrainian relations.

An element of our strategy and my ambition is to increase cooperation with Ukraine. For this reason, we are opening new offices, both regional in Lublin and soon in Rzeszów, as well as our second office in Ukraine, in Lviv. This is in response to the requests of companies. We have also strengthened the cooperation between PAIH, the Ministry of Development and Technology, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and institutions from the PFR Group - said the head of PAIH.

He also reminded that the Agency is the first point of contact for all Polish companies wishing to develop their business in other markets, including our neighbouring country. A representative of the Ukrainian side spoke about the good cooperation to date and its further prospects.

Poland is and remains one of Ukraine's strategic partners. We want our cooperation to be as effective as possible. We have big challenges ahead of us, which will allow for the reform of Ukraine's economy and make it stronger - said Roman Shepeliak, Counsellor at the Embassy of Ukraine in Warsaw, during the opening.

At the same time, he emphasized that the international investment projects implemented in this country in recent years are proof that international cooperation is a guarantee of good business between our countries in the future.

Jan Styliński, President of the Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers, spoke about the common goals and priorities of the Polish and Ukrainian economy. At the same time, he emphasized the good cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian companies and business environment institutions.

International cooperation in our region of Europe can give us great added value. Thanks to the involvement of many people from both diplomatic and economic circles, we can reach out to our partners. PAIH plays an important role in this – said the President of PZPB.

Aleksander Siemaszko, Deputy Director of the Department of Trade and International Cooperation at the Ministry of Development and Technology, spoke about the support of the institution in Polish-Ukrainian relations. He also spoke of the important role that PAIH and other institutions from the PFR Group play.

The reconstruction of Ukraine has two dimensions - physical reconstruction and the rebuilding of the economy. We want this to be done in a more sustainable, greener way. It is the effectiveness of the construction industry - the reconstruction of infrastructure, housing, production plants - that will determine whether international business will be able to return to Ukraine and operate - said the representative of the Ministry of Development.

PAIH’s experts took part in the thematic panels of the event. Karol Kubica, Director of PAIH's Foreign Trade Office in Kiev, participated in the discussion on the competences and resources of Polish business to cooperate with Ukraine. The participants discussed the factors influencing the stability of export activities, legal and economic differences between our countries, as well as about the successes and institutional support for business to date.

Poland has great potential for our producers and service providers to meet Ukrainian needs. The basis for success on the local market is the Ukrainian partner, as well as staff who know the language and the local business culture. PAIH's office in Kiev is open to any Polish company and ready to help build relationships, including those with the State and Local Government Administration of Ukraine - said Karol Kubica.

Mikołaj Tauber, Project Manager responsible for Eastern Europe and Central Asia in PAIH’s Export Department, took part in the discussion on the instruments supporting Polish companies in achieving their business goals in our neighbouring country.

To start rebuilding Ukraine, we need to take care of safety. Recently, we went on a mission to Kyiv, in connection with clearing the country of mines. Our people cooperate with Polish and Ukrainian businesses. We listen to both sides and help build relationships from scratch, verifying potential partners, and creating documentation. PAIH's advice and support is free of charge - emphasized Mikołaj Tauber.

He also reiterated that safety is essential for the country's reconstruction process. Therefore, PAIH recently organized a mission dedicated to the topic of demining Ukraine, and a mission on medical assistance is also planned in the future.

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