The economic mission to Mauritania is over

Mauritania is a country with great potential, which in the near future will undergo rapid civilizational changes related to urbanization, the construction of electricity and road infrastructure. It is also a very attractive place for the development of renewable energy projects, as well as being a transit country and a trade gateway for the entire Sahel. Aware of the great potential of this market, PAIH's Foreign Trade Office in Casablanca organized an economic mission to Mauritania at the turn of February and March.
The economic mission to Mauritania

The aim of the mission was to promote the Polish economy, and in particular to present Poland’s potential in the area of green technologies and the agri-food industry. Therefore, as many as 10 companies from Poland, offering a variety of products and services participated in the mission. Among the participants were such companies as: Hynfra (green hydrogen technologies and its derivatives), Green Capital (production of green energy and hydrogen technologies), Polmlek and its Moroccan branch Jibal (dairy industry), Pawliszyn (a construction company), Fairfish (fish processing), Wielton (production of trailer units and transport solutions) and Jan Wróbel (consulting). The Polish delegation was also accompanied by representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Rabat.

All the mission’s participants had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Investment Promotion Agency in Mauritania APIM and visit the Mauritanian port infrastructure. The members of the Polish delegation were also received by the President of the National Union of Mauritanian Entrepreneurs UNPM. During the meeting, entrepreneurs from Poland had the opportunity to present the potential of the Polish economy and what their companies could offer to the Mauritanian business elite.

Since the end of the Pandemic, there has been a significant increase in trade turnover between Poland and Mauritania. In 2023, it exceeded PLN 400 million, and thanks to the talks and meetings which were part of PAIH's economic mission, we expect further increases.

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Mauritania is a small country in terms of population (approx. 5 million) and GDP (approx. EUR 10 billion), but due to its forecasted GDP growth rate (5-7%), it is a very interesting direction for foreign expansion. It is a transit country and rich in natural resources (iron, phosphates, oil, gas), which, in addition, has excellent climatic conditions for the development of green energies both wind and solar. The Mauritanian Government is also working on a new hydrogen law, which is to allow for sustainable development in this strategic sector. However, renewable energy is not everything. The country’s fish processing sector is also developing dynamically . Mauritania is one of the largest exporters of such products in the world, and fish stocks off the Mauritanian coast are estimated at over 2 million tonnes of raw material per year. What is important for Polish entrepreneurs, Mauritania is looking for new partners and suppliers, the Mauritanian market is insatiable in many areas (including food, automotive, construction and cosmetics).