Strategic economic cooperation between Poland and the Netherlands

The Polish-Dutch Business Forum has come to an end. The event in Warsaw was attended by key representatives of Polish and Dutch State Institutions, economic organizations and enterprises. The Forum was organized by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Development and Technology and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Poland.
Polsko-Niderlandzkie Forum Biznesowe

The event was opened by Ministers Jacek Tomczak from the Ministry of Development and Technology and Geoffrey Van Leeuwen from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Minister Van Leeuwen stressed that the two countries are linked by a centuries-old history of trade, which has gained a historically large dimension over the past decades and gives hope for further strengthening of cooperation. At the same time, he stressed that the current economic situation in the world encourages our countries to strengthen their relations in order to become independent from external economic turmoil in areas such as energy and food security.

This was also confirmed by a representative of the Ministry of Finance, saying that the Kingdom of the Netherlands is one of Poland’s key trade partners, and economic exchange between the two countries increased by 8% over the last year, reaching the value of EUR 30 billion. At the same time, he added that our countries have a great potential to increase the level of economic cooperation, especially in technologically advanced areas.

Polish-Dutch investment cooperation has been developing very well for years. It is in the interest of our countries to constantly raise economic cooperation to an increasingly technologically advanced level. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is one of Poland’s key trade partners, both in terms of the value of exports and imports - said Deputy Minister Jacek Tomczak at the opening of the Forum.

He stressed that the business relations established during the Forum will certainly contribute to strengthening the positive image and attractiveness of Polish business on a European scale.

It will also confirm the continuity of excellent business cooperation with our Dutch partners, giving us the impetus to develop it in the near future thanks to the joint cooperation - added Deputy Minister Jacek Tomczak.

Andrzej Dycha, the Chairman of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, emphasized Poland’s advantages on the economic map of the world: During the panel devoted to nearshoring and national strategic autonomy.

We note not only a continuous increase in economic exchange between Poland and the Netherlands, but also a growing value of Dutch investments in Poland in sectors such as IT, semiconductors and manufacturing. In the past, certain regions of the world specialized in the production of specific raw materials and goods. The global turmoil of recent years has shown the weakness of this model and prompted many countries to rethink their economic strategy. As a result, countries from our region are looking for close partners resistant to turbulence, such as Poland - said Chairman Andrzej Dycha.

The discussion was also attended by representatives of Polish and Dutch employers' organisations, among them, the Lewiatan Employers' Confederation and the Confederation of Dutch Industry and Employers. They emphasised the great advantages of the Polish economy in the light of locating Dutch investments in our country - highly qualified staff, excellent location and infrastructure, as well as a favourable environment of business support institutions.

As part of the Forum, discussion panels were also held on key common areas of the economy - metal processing and sustainable mobility. The main axis of both debates was the perspective of industrial development in the light of the assumptions of the European Green Deal, institutional support for the ongoing energy transition process, as well as maintaining competitiveness both in the EU’s internal market and outside it. As part of the Forum, a matchmaking session between Polish and Dutch companies and business institutions was held.

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