Round table talks on the vision of the future development of the economy between PAIH, exporters and investors

PAIH Chairman Andrzej Dycha, together with a representation of the Agency's experts, participated in meetings with business leaders in round table talks. The two-day discussions were attended by dozens of representatives of both Polish companies and the largest foreign investors who have located their projects in our country.

The subject of the discussions was to determine the conditions that business needs to strengthen Poland’s position, as an exporter and attractive location for foreign investment projects. Participants pointed to the need to maintain the current pace of development and ensure the attractiveness of Poland as an exporter, as well as a country attracting global talents and business leaders.

Companies emphasised the need to reach out more boldly for new technologies, build competitive advantages and use Poland’s national assets. It will be possible to read about the conclusions resulting from the two-day meeting in the near future in an article in the THINKTANK Magazine published by the Centre for International Relations. The write up is to be created on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Poland's presence in the EU and the 35th anniversary of the free market in Poland. The Centre for International Relations is one of PAIH’s partners and a co-organiser of the event.

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