PAIH’s Regional Partners received certificates and awards

The meeting with PAIH's Regional Partners brought together representatives of Special Economic Zones, Marshal's Offices, Regional Development Agencies and other entities providing support for business in all of Poland’s regions.
PAIHs Regional Partners received certificates and awards

The Agency's experts presented the areas in which the participants, who came from all over the country, can receive support. Wojciech Rydel, Manager from the Investment Department, presented the prospects of the changes that the reform of the spatial planning system will bring to the investments. Łukasz Grabowski, Director of the Export Department, presented the characteristics of Polish exports, the strengths of our economy and international projects with PAIH's participation. At the same time, he also spoke about the Agency's export goals and future economic challenges that our country is facing.

Future trends and possible future economic models were presented by Piotr Wasyluk, philosopher and entrepreneur. He talked about the epochal changes that are taking place in the global economy, as well as about how to try to find oneself in the new reality. Director Anna Kaczmarska from PAIH’s Department of Communication, Partnership and Promotion presented the details of the "Poland. Business Forward" project, under which the Agency promotes the Polish economy in the world. She also presented the assumptions of the "Business Academy" - another project implemented by PAIH, addressed to entrepreneurs as well as other activities, such as the Academy of Economic Diplomacy or My Business Abroad project.

Mirosław Odziemczyk, PAIH’s Management Board Plenipotentiary for Cooperation with Special Economic Zones, summed up the most important areas of cooperation between the Agency and its Regional Partners. He also spoke about the certification of the Investor and Exporter Service Centres, which was carried out at the end of 2023. Certified entities received diplomas confirming the quality of the services they provided.

During the meeting, awards were also given to COIE employees with the longest tenure.

On the second day, the participants of the meeting had the opportunity to learn about important activities carried out in and by the Agency, including:

  • Poland's program for participation in the World Expo 2025 in Osaka, Kansai;
  • A new perspective of the “ Polskie mosty Technologiczne” (Polish Technological Bridges) project;
  • SME internationalisation project – Brand HUB;
  • Presentation of the portal as a treasure trove of knowledge and contacts for entrepreneurs.

All these topics were met with great interest, as they fit in perfectly with regional partnership cooperation between the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and the Investor and Exporter Service Centres and the Special Economic Zones.

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