PAIH’s New Foreign Trade Office is open

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency is growing in strength and opening new Foreign Trade Offices. In mid-March, the official opening of PAIH’s branch in Vilnius took place. The Agency’s Lithuanian office will be responsible for supporting entrepreneurs interested in the development of cooperation between Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian businesses.
PAIH's New Foreign Trade Office is open

The ceremonial opening of the office was combined with a seminar for the fintech industry "Traditional banking and Fintechs - synergy or competition" organized jointly with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Lithuania. The event brought together numerous representatives of local authorities, diplomatic missions, representatives of the Polish and Lithuanian fintech industries and investors. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the local fintech ecosystem and challenges in this field. After the official part, the participants continued their talks during a networking session.

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About the Baltic States:

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are three small countries on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Together, they cover an area of over 175,000 km2 and have almost 7 million citizens referred to as the Balts. Despite their small size, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia continue to invest in the long-term foundations of their development. The greatest strengths of these countries are considered to be human capital and the level of education, innovation and digitization. The Baltic States are also constantly striving to create a business environment conducive to entrepreneurship, modern technologies and international talent.