PAIH’s active participation in the XXXII Economic Forum in Karpacz

08 September 2023
Foreign investments and their impact on the Polish economy, export support and branding of the Polish economy, and support for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. At the XXXII Economic Forum that ended on Thursday in Karpacz, PAIH's voice sounded particularly loud on these key topics for the Agency.

Aktywny udział PAIH w XXXII Forum Ekonomicznym w Karpaczu

The Economic Forum consisted of several hundred discussion panels and meetings with the participation of politicians, representatives of the world of business and science, as well as local government officials. The program of this year’s edition held under the title “New values of the Old Continent – Europe on the verge of change” includes almost 500 events from such areas as: digitization, new technologies, the reconstruction of Ukraine or international politics. According to the Forum’s press office, this year’s edition was attended by over five thousand guests from 60 countries.

During the three days of the event, Paweł Kurtasz, PAIH’s Chairman, participated in as many as six panel discussions, organized by, among others, the Polish Development Fund, the Warsaw School of Economics and the newspaper Rzeczpospolita. He also held numerous backstage meetings with representatives of business and academia. As part of his activity at the Forum, he spoke, among other things, about building synergy between the activities of institutions and private entities, the investment attractiveness of Poland and Polish exports in the era of war in Ukraine and uncertainty on global markets. He also emphasized the importance of Intel’s investments in Lower Silesia for the development of the Polish economy and the Agency’s role in supporting entrepreneurs.

PAIH experts also actively participated in the Forum, both from the Head Office in Warsaw and its Foreign Trade Offices. During the event, they took part in bilateral talks, were moderators and panellists of numerous discussions. The heart of these activities was the PFR zone co-organized by PAIH. The panel hosts were Łukasz Grabowski, Director of the Export Department, Marcin Graczyk, Plenipotentiary of PAIH’s Management Board for the Polish Economy Brand, and Monika Kisiel, Investment Department Manager. The subject matter of meetings organized within the zone by PAIH shows the full spectrum of the Agency’s activities. Starting from exports and the debate on Polish-German economic cooperation, through building the brand of the Polish economy, to the issue of PAIH’s involvement in foreign direct investments in Poland.

Participants of these talks were also the head of the Foreign Trade Office in Frankfurt Łukasz Chrabański and the Director of the Department of Communication, Partnership and Promotion Anna Kaczmarska. At the invitation of the Lower Silesian Zone, PAIH’s expert also took part in the debate on the need for business support to the academic community. PAIH’s offer and its activities were also presented during the panels by Aleksandra Leoncewicz, head of the ZBH in Milan, Wojciech Nowicki from the Department of Communication, Partnership and Promotion and Mikołaj Tauber from the Department of Export.
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