The Polish-Taiwanese Business Round Table

The prospect of fruitful cooperation is the path that institutions and companies from both Poland and Taiwan, whose delegation visited Warsaw, want to follow. Guests from the Republic of China participated in the Polish-Taiwanese Business Round Table, the aim of which was to strengthen economic relations. The event took place on July 27 in Warsaw.

The Polish-Taiwanese Business Round Table

The meeting was opened by Paweł Kurtasz, The Chairman of PAIH’s Management Board. He spoke of the increasingly better economic relations between Poland and Taiwan and the growing interest in investments in Poland. He also emphasized that our country is the best place to locate investment projects in the semiconductor industry, an example of which is the recently announced establishment of Intel's production plant near Wrocław.

We are constantly working to increase economic cooperation between Poland and Taiwan. Together with Taiwanese partners, we indicate sectors with the greatest potential for development - said Paweł Kurtasz - Excellent business development opportunities in Poland are accompanied by a developed system of support and investment incentives - he added.

The event was attended by the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Development and Technology, Government Plenipotentiary for Foreign Investments Grzegorz Piechowiak. In his speech, he reminded that although Poland suffered a shock related to the COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine, our economy remained stable, and the number of foreign investments increased. He emphasized that Poland is the largest country in Central Europe in terms of population and the size of its internal market. We are a junction connecting east to west and north to south. We also have a number of investment support instruments.

We owe Poland’s good results to the country's security within the framework of alliances, as well as the diversification of energy sources, making our country independent of global turmoil. Poland has repeatedly proven the resilience of its economy to crises - said Minister Piechowiak.

Minister Kung Ming-hsin from the National Development Council of Taiwan, who participated in the event, emphasized that the meeting allows us to look at future cooperation with hope. He pointed to the challenges related to climate change and energy transformation as areas in which Taiwan and Poland by working together can achieve success.

Ambassador Bob Chen from the Taipei Representation Office in Poland reminded that Taiwan supports Ukraine in the face of the ongoing invasion by Russia from the first days. Thanks to Polish assistance, we have delivered significant humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Marcin Chruściel, Director of the Government Plenipotentiary Service Office for Polish-Ukrainian development cooperation at the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy, referred to the topic of assistance to Ukraine. He spoke about the process of reconstruction of Ukraine, which will mean not only the restoration of infrastructure such as roads and houses, but also economic development. Organizations from many countries, not only from Poland, will be involved in this process, which creates an opportunity for cooperation between Poland and Taiwan in this area. He also encouraged participants to contact PAIH’s Foreign Trade Office in Kiev, where companies can receive current information on the Ukrainian market and support in business relations.

As part of the Polish-Taiwan Business Round Table, a number of B2B sessions were held between Polish and Taiwanese companies, a presentation of the upcoming SEMICON semiconductor industry fair and a session of talks between sides of both Polish and Taiwanese Administration.

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