A delegation of the Sultanate of Oman visits PAIH

Poland and Oman can implement many joint projects. The areas of economic activity of both countries have many common points that we can develop in the coming years. These are the key conclusions from the meeting at PAIH’s headquarters with a delegation from Oman, headed by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Sultanate of Oman, His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Ali bin Issa al-Harthy.

A delegation of the Sultanate of Oman visits PAIH

The meeting allowed for the exchange of information on the economies of both countries. The prospects for the development of Poland’s economy were presented by the Chairman of PAIH’s Management Board Paweł Kurtasz. He stressed the rapid growth rate of technologically advanced areas of the economy such as the medical and biotechnology, energy and IT sectors. Export opportunities were presented by Viktor Stefan, Deputy Director of the Export Department, and Marcin Fabianowicz, Director of the Investment Department, spoke about opportunities and investment projects. Representatives of the Sultanate of Oman emphasized the rapid pace of Poland’s economic development and their interest in what Polish companies can offer.

The delegation from Oman received paid particular attention to the subject of renewable energy sources, including primarily green hydrogen and wind energy. The guests emphasized that these are particularly important directions for them in terms of energy security and green transformation.

The meeting was an impulse to increase economic exchange and identify areas of possible cooperation in investment projects both in Poland and Oman.

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