PAIH supports innovative technologies in agriculture

06 June 2023
In 2023, Mzuri World - a leader in the field of Agro-Tech and a manufacturer of the most modern agricultural machinery will complete the construction of a production plant at a cost of PLN 35 million. For the implementation of the investment, the company will receive a government grant, which was handled by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH). In 2022, the Agency completed twice as many Polish investment projects than it did in 2020.

PAIH supports innovative technologies in agriculture

In 2017, the Polish company Mzuri-Agro, part of the Agro-Land Group, took over the assets of the British Mzuri Ltd. The transaction resulted in the transfer of production to Śmielin in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province, where the company currently has its headquarters. The Polish owner has invested in a modern R+D center, which since 2019 has been the only center in the world specializing in comprehensive research and development of strip tillage technology, and its equipment is used on four continents in over 40 countries.

The project, which was supported by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, concerns the construction of a plant producing modern seeding and cultivation aggregates. The investment included the construction of , among other things, an office building as well as production and warehouse facilities. The total value amounted to PLN 35 million, of which PLN 3 million was covered by a grant from the Ministry of Development and Technology under the "Program for supporting investments of significant importance for the Polish economy for the years 2011-2030".

We are a global company. In just a few years, we have gone from a small business to a large supplier of important technology for agriculture, responding to the challenges of global warming, the decarbonisation of the economy and the desertification of ever larger areas of Europe. The solutions we propose combine the requirement to meet basic human needs, such as the production of high-quality food and plant raw materials, with simultaneous care for the natural environment - soil, water, air - emphasized Marek Różniak, Mzuri World’s Chairman.

The Mzuri World investment is one of almost 20 Polish investment projects handled by PAIH in 2022. For comparison, in 2021 there were 10, and in 2020 - 9.

We serve Polish investment projects with pride and great commitment. Every year there are more and more of them, and this is a clear signal that our entrepreneurs focus on development. Thanks to this, Polish products and technologies are more competitive on international markets, where we support the expansion. Among our customers are, among others, manufacturers of agricultural machinery. In 2021, the value of exports of this type of equipment amounted to EUR 1.67 billion, i.e. over 20% more than a year earlier. In the next decade, the agritech sector may become the driving force of Polish exports and a key element of sustainable development of the entire economy - added PAIH’s Chairman Paweł Kurtasz.

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About the Polish Investment and Trade Agency

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