Polish biotechnology companies set off to conquer Boston

02 June 2023
Over 35 Polish biotechnology companies will present their products to the world at one of the largest and most important events in this sector - The BIO International Convention in Boston. The organiser of a large delegation is the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. This economic mission to Boston is one of the largest that PAIH has ever organised.

Polish biotechnology companies set off to conquer Boston

Over 12,000 employees, research facilities in the form of over 100 scientific units and almost PLN 1.5 billion allocated annually to research and development. This is how the Polish biotechnology industry currently presents itself, and thanks to the BIO International Convention this can be even better. Thanks to this event, Polish companies have a chance to strengthen their position on the international arena and enter new foreign markets.

Innovative solutions, innovative therapies, exceptional research and discoveries, as well as an outstanding growth rate and the first global successes – all this makes Poland an important player in the global biotechnology sector. Through our economic mission and participation in the BIO International Convention, we want to give Polish entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their latest achievements, products and services on the international arena. In this way, we are creating an opportunity for them to establish business contacts, find new partners and gain knowledge from foreign industry leaders – emphasized Paweł Kurtasz, Chairman of PAIH’s Management Board.

As many as 36 companies accepted PAIH’s invitation to participate in this year’s BIO International Convention. As part of an economic mission, representatives of the most innovative Polish biotechnology companies are going to Boston.

At SDS Optic S.A. we create and develop innovative technologies for real-time medical monitoring and diagnostics in cancer, infectious and fungal diseases. The Company’s vision is to help increase cancer survival by 30% by 2030 and to co-create the future of breakthrough health technologies. We connect specialists from many areas of business and science, including optoelectronics, molecular biology, immunochemistry and biomedical engineering – described Marcin Staniszewski, Chairman of SDS Optics’ Management Board.

In addition to SDC Optics, the event will be attended by, among others,. Celon Pharma – a pharmaceutical company conducting advanced scientific research and producing modern drugs, Captor Therapeutics – a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of drugs that break down proteins in cancer and autoimmune diseases, Pikralida – a biopharmaceutical start-up dealing with the development of medicinal products and ExploRNA Therapeutics – a company developing breakthrough innovations in the field of mRNA. Products and solutions of these and other companies included in PAIH’s economic mission will be presented to foreign recipients on June 5, 2023, when the BIO International Convention will begin in Boston.

The BIO International Convention is one of the most important biotechnological events in the world. I am very pleased that thanks to our initiative, as many as 36 companies from Poland will be present at this year’s edition in Boston. Polish companies are dynamically operating and providing services at a global level, which makes them an attractive partner for foreign contractors. And this is also the message we will promote at BIO Convention 2023 – said Magdalena Kulczycka, PhD, Director of BioForum.

Polish medical biotechnology is a young but rapidly developing sector that can compete with global companies with its technological solutions. We have better know-how and more advanced research and development projects, including in the field of development of new drugs and biotechnological diagnostic methods, but also technologies supporting R+D work, such as artificial intelligence or machine learning. At this stage of the sector’s development, we need international promotion, and to establish relations with foreign partners and the credibility of our achievements. This is especially important in the US market, which is crucial for the industry. That is why I am glad that BioInMed can be part of the PAIH initiative in Boston – added Marta Winiarska, Chairman of the Management Board of BioInMed.

The Strategic Partner of the Polish participation in the event is the Association of Biotechnology Companies BioForum. The Substantive Partner is the Polish the Association of Innovative Medical Biotechnology Companies BioInMed.

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